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In recent years, we have seen the cost of electricity bills rising and the cost of solar power systems dropping down. With each passing year, thousands of households and businesses all over the world switch to solar power to save money on energy bills and save the environment. If we talk about the Australian solar market, then it is quite hard to choose the right solar panel for installation from the thousands of solar panels available. Compare Solar Quotes works with the majority of top solar panel manufacturers and brands in Australia to make sure that the people get the most accurate solutions about solar power systems. In this article, our expert solar research team will review the Talesun solar panels.

Solar power systems have become an important part of Australian households, mainly due to their money-saving advantage. The entire world recognises solar electricity as the cheapest form of electricity. Solar energy is generated from the energy of the sun, and the energy that comes from the sun is free and abundant. This means that homeowners will have to pay for the solar power system and its installation only. 

Talesun Solar is a branch of the famous Zhongli Science and Technology Group. The Zhongli Science and Technology Group is a China-based manufacturer that manufactures various industrial components like fibre optic cables. In the year 2010, the company initially invested a total of USD 850 million into Talesun Solar. 

According to the Talesun Solar website, the company manufactures silicon cells worth 2 gigawatts and solar panels worth 2.8 gigawatts. This makes them a medium-sized manufacturer in terms of production. The majority of the solar panels by Talesun are domestically sold in various regions in China, and the company has also established a decent sales network in Europe and Japan. 

The Talesun solar panels are not that commonly available in the Australian solar market. But the solar panel manufacturer has set up a distribution network with Sol Distribution. Talesun Solar does not have a website or office established in Australia. 

Why should we choose Talesun Solar?

There are a few factors that every homeowner and business owner must consider before choosing a solar panel manufacturer. These factors are: 

  • Efficiency:

The first factor that you must consider is the efficiency of the solar panels, as it determines the amount of solar energy the panels generate. Talesun Solar sells a few models in Australia, and the efficiency of these panels ranges from 17.9 per cent to 19.6 per cent. This efficiency rating of Talesun Solar is not the best but not the worst in the Australian solar market either. 

  • Reliability:

The Talesun Solar panels are there on the list of Bloomberg’s tier one solar panels, which means that these solar panels are bankable. Talesun is not that active in Australia and is not that popular in the solar market of Australia. There is no proof that these panels are reliable for installation in Australia.  

  • Warranty:

Solar power installation is an expensive investment all over the world. And the warranty of the solar panels from the manufacturers is a must as these objects are mechanical. 

Talesun Solar offers a product warranty of 10 to 12 years on all of its solar panels. Under a product warranty, the solar panel manufacturers cover all the repairing costs of faults and defects in the solar panels. 

Talesun Solar offers a performance warranty of 25 years on all of its solar panels. In a performance warranty, manufacturers ensure that the solar panels will perform at least 80 per cent of their initial efficiency at the end of the warranty period. Talesun Solar has confidence in their solar panels and assures their customers that the solar panels will work at least 80 per cent of their initial efficiency at the end of 25 years. 

  • Customer Service:

According to the experts of the solar market, it is necessary for a solar panel manufacturer to have an office and customer support team located in Australia. This is required to provide decent customer support to the Australian people. 

The majority of solar panel manufacturers that are based in other countries enter the Australian solar market with plans of distributing their solar panels successfully in Australia. But only a few solar panel brands and manufacturers plan on providing proper solutions to the problems and complaints of the Australian people. 

There are often instances when the solar installers that install the solar power system go out of business after years of operation in the solar market. It is often impossible to contact the headquarter of the solar panel company to solve the warranty claims. 

Talesun Solar does not have an office located in Australia, and it has very limited activity in the Australian solar market. So, in case you face a problem with the Talesun solar panels, you will have to contact your solar installer or the distributor of Talesun panels in Australia. 

We agree that installing a solar power system is expensive, and the majority of homeowners or business owners cannot afford to replace the solar panels or the entire solar power system in case problems arise. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right solar panels at the very beginning. 

Not only do you have to find a reliable solar panel manufacturer, but you will also have to find a reliable solar installer. The Australian solar market has thousands of solar installers operating all over the country, but we can only trust a handful of installers. 

We recommend each and every customer get at least three solar quotes from three different solar installers. Compare all the solar quotes thoroughly and pay proper attention to the details. 


Although Talesun Solar offers a good warranty and efficiency rating compared to many manufacturers, these solar panels have a very limited presence in Australia. So, we do not have any proof which states that these panels are reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, we personally would not recommend installing the Talesun solar panels to the Australian people as it is not that active in Australia.

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