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A solar inverter is an essential solar component in a solar power system and in the solar industry. Take a look, and you will find hundreds of solar inverter manufacturers and more than a thousand solar inverter models in the Australian solar market. Selecting one solar inverter for installation from these thousand different models is quite a difficult task. It is the goal of Compare Solar Quotes to inform the truth about solar power systems and solar components to the general Australian public. People must have a clear idea about the solar components they are choosing and installing. In this guide, we will review the Sunways Inverters. 

A solar power system is incomplete without the installation of a solar inverter. But what is the work of a solar inverter? The solar panels installed in a solar power system generate electricity by absorbing energy from the sun. This generated solar energy is available in the form of DC electricity, and that is not compatible with the appliances we use in our households. 

The function of a solar inverter is to convert this solar energy from DC electricity to AC electricity and make it compatible with the appliances present in our home. Generally, there are four types of solar inverters available in the world of solar components, and these are standard string inverters, microinverters, battery inverters, and hybrid inverters. 

In the year 2014, Sunways was acquired by the SFCE Group. SFCE Group is also the parent company of the high-end Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer, Suntech. In 1993, the company was initially established in Konstanz, Germany. However, the SFCE Group shifted the production of the Sunways solar inverters from Konstanz, Germany, to Cixi, China, after acquiring the company in 2014. 

This shifting of production facility was mainly done to reduce the production costs of the solar inverters. The current production capacity of Sunways is 10,000 inverter units in a month. The Sunways solar inverters entered the Australian solar market in the year 2021 through the distribution network and customer support channels of the Suntech solar panels. 

Experts are expecting that the price of a 5 kilowatts solar inverter by Sunways will cost less than half the price of the same size solar inverter by SMA, another German-based solar inverter manufacturer. So, basically, Sunways is offering a solar inverter designed in Germany to the Australian people at only a fraction of the cost.

Why choose the Sunways Inverters?

While choosing a solar inverter for your home, there are a few factors that you must always consider. These factors are:

  • Efficiency

It is essential to consider the efficiency of a solar inverter before deciding to purchase one for your home. The standard efficiency of residential solar inverters in the Australian solar market is generally 95 per cent to 98 per cent. And the Sunways solar inverters meet these solar inverter efficiency standards as the least solar inverter efficiency of the Sunways inverters is 98.1 per cent. 

  • Warranty

All the Clean Energy Council approved Sunways solar inverters, which is the Sunways STS series, come with a standard product warranty of 12 years by the manufacturers. However, Sunways offers its customers an extended warranty of 20 years that can be purchased within 24 months on installation. In product warranty, the manufacturer will cover the costs of repairing the faulty parts. Although the manufacturer will cover the costs of the replaceable parts during the extended warranty period, the customers will have to pay for the labour costs and transportation costs. 

  • Compatibility with Battery

All the Sunways solar inverters are not compatible with solar battery storage. Sunways also offers hybrid solar inverters, and these inverters are a combination of a solar inverter and battery storage. However, you can easily add solar battery storage with the residential string inverters and three-phase solar inverters. 

  • Weather Resistance

Everyone in Australia has a clear idea of the extreme weather conditions of the country. It is very important to select solar inverters and solar components that have the ability to resist the extreme weather conditions of Australia. The Sunways solar inverters have the ability to easily resist these weather conditions. The solar inverters will have to be changed often if the solar inverters cannot resist these temperatures.

  • Cost

Solar inverters basically cost approx. 10 to 20 per cent of the total price of a solar power system. It is essential to ensure that you choose a high-quality solar inverter in order to get the best value for your hard-earned money and the solar power system. Problems in the inverter will heavily affect the energy generation of the solar power system. 

Sunways solar inverters offer some of the best features in the solar industry but are relatively cheaper compared to the high-end solar inverters in the market, as we discussed earlier. Any well-known solar inverter of Sunways costs less than half compared to the solar inverters of Fronius, SMA, Growatt, etc. 

Sunways Inverter Models available in Australia

The majority of the Sunways solar inverters have the approval of the Clean Energy Council. The Sunways solar inverters available in Australia are:

  • Sunways STS-3KTL
  • Sunways STS-3.6KTL
  • Sunways STS-4.2KTL
  • Sunways STS-4.6KTL
  • Sunways STS-5KTL


The Sunways solar inverters have proven to be efficient, and as it has the same parent company as the Suntech solar panels, we believe that we can trust Sunways. These solar inverters by Sunways are reliable and great for installation. If we consider the efficiency, warranty, cost, and other factors of the Sunways inverters, we will see that these inverters provide a high-quality performance. 

Sunways inverters are a good choice for residential solar projects. Contact your solar installer if you are interested in installing the Sunways solar inverter with your solar power system. If you are looking for solar quotes for solar power systems, including the Sunways inverters, then feel free to contact us at Compare Solar Quotes.

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