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Canadian Solar: Solar Panel Review Alert - Compare Solar Quotes

Canadian Solar: Solar Panel Review Alert

Canadian Solar

Currently, the entire Australian solar market is flourishing more than ever. Many people are encouraged to switch to solar by the solar rebates and incentives offered by the federal, state, and local governments of Australia. Thus, Australians are in search of high quality solar panels for their homes. When we talk about solar panels, the name Canadian Solar definitely pops up, and it is a pretty popular name in the solar industry. 

In this article, we will review the Canadian Solar panels and tell you everything you need to know before making a decision. 

Canadian Solar – Company History

Dr Shawn Qu founded Canadian Solar in 2001 and is currently the 5th largest solar panel manufacturer in the world of solar. Dr Shawn Qu took an oath to provide clean and renewable energy for the betterment of future generations. Canadian Solar is based in Guelph, Canada and operates in more than 150 countries on six continents of the world. The company offers high quality solar panels at an affordable price and manufactured solar panels worth 8.5 gigawatts in 2019. 

Is Canadian Solar a Chinese Company?

No. Canadian Solar has manufacturing facilities in China, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The headquarter is in Ontario, Canada. Canadian Solar, as the name suggests, is a Canadian company with over 14,000 employees and 500 engineers and researchers. 

It offers a wide range of solar panels for both residential and commercial solar projects. The company has over 17 manufacturing facilities all over the world. It has a growing presence in the Australian solar market and has four warehouses in Australia. 

Are Canadian Solar Panels any good?

There are a few key factors that must be reviewed before concluding whether a solar panel is good for installation or not. These factors are performance, efficiency, warranty, and price. 

  • Efficiency:

The efficiency of a solar panel is probably the most important factor to consider. The power output of your solar panels will depend on the efficiency of the solar panels. The efficiency of the Canadian Solar panels varies depending on the solar panel model selected by the homeowners. The solar panel range in the Canadian Solar has an efficiency rating ranging from 15.88 per cent to 20.60 per cent. 

In March 2020, the research and development team of Canadian Solar manufactured a multi-crystalline n-type silicon solar cell. This manufactured solar cell tested at a world record efficiency rating of 23.81 per cent, where the most efficient home solar panel in the world is rated to have an efficiency rating of 22.6 per cent. 

  • Performance:

The performance of the solar panel system is equally necessary as other factors. Canadian Solar panels come with a performance warranty of 25 to 30 years, which is similar to the performance warranty offered by some of the high-end solar panel manufacturers. 

The performance warranty period suggests that the company has confidence in its solar panels. Canadian Solar panels guarantee a high performance to their customers. The solar panels have been designed and optimised using industry-leading solar technologies, and they will not disappoint. 

  • Warranty:

The majority of solar panels manufacturers offer only ten years of product warranty, but Canadian Solar offers a product warranty of 12 years. The Canadian Solar product warranty is two more years than average, and this shows that the manufacturers trust their solar panels. When it comes to performance warranty, Canadian Solar provides a 25 to 30 years of performance warranty. The long warranty periods of the company shows that the solar panels are designed and optimised in order to last a long time and would be worth the money. 

  • Price:

The price of the solar panel is a deciding factor for the majority of homeowners as solar power is a costly investment. If we focus on the quality of performance of the Canadian Solar panels, then the price they ask for is pretty reasonable. If we compare Canadian Solar panels with its competitors, then the price of Canadian Solar is extremely well priced. 

Is Canadian Solar Still in Business?

Since the foundation of Canadian Solar in 2001, the company has grown to be one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the solar industry. With over 17 manufacturing facilities operating in more than 150 countries, it seems like Canadian Solar will thrive in the solar industry for many more years in the future. 

With this level of quality, performance, and reputation, there is nothing to worry about the future of Canadian Solar. It is safe to say that the company is not going out of business any time soon. 

Other Solar Manufacturers from Canada:

There are quite a few solar panels manufacturers based in Canada. 

These are:

  • Canadian Solar 
  • GMA Solar 
  • AMP Solar Group
  • Azgard
  • Illuma Energy

The majority of solar panel manufacturers primarily focus on the distribution of their solar panels rather than focusing on customer service. Many homeowners who installed solar power systems in their homes often rely on solar installers for warranty claims. However, relying on your solar installer for warranty related issues is not a solution anymore, as we have noticed more than 700 solar installers going out of business in the last ten years. 

The four warehouses of Canadian Solar in Australia mainly focus on solar panel sales and customer service. Homeowners are requested to contact their solar installers first in case they encounter any issue related to the solar panels. If they cannot contact the solar installers or if the solar installer is out of business, then the homeowners are requested to contact Canadian Solar to claim their warranty. 


Canadian Solar is undoubtedly one of the best solar panel manufacturers available in the Australian solar market. The performance, quality, and efficiency of Canadian Solar prove that the company is reliable and trustworthy. The reputation that Canadian Solar has gained in all these years is praiseworthy and leaves no room for doubt that its solar panels are worth the investment.

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  1. Hi there we have Canadian panels about 6 yes. Then on inspection by our electrician and solar found that 2 panels are not working he took all the papers trying to get help but nearly 12 MTS and nobody want to know us we paid lots of money the company that sold and installed are long gone so we down to 10 panels now .we would not recommend Canadian panels because the warranty is not worth the paper it’s written on A very unhappy customer Danica Sunjo 0260597167


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