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Cola Solar Review

Cola Solar is a solar installer company located in Bendigo, Victoria. It is a family-owned solar installation business that is operated by the two generations of the family. Cola Solar is one of the most trusted solar installers among the people of Victoria. Along with many other countries in the world, Australia is becoming more and more concerned about the rapidly rising cost of electricity and aware of the impacts of global warming and climate change. And, therefore, Australians are switching to solar energy and other renewable sources of energy. 

Switching to solar energy has many benefits. The biggest one is that it allows businesses and homeowners to save a decent amount of money on energy bills. And an excellent solar installer is a must if you are planning on switching to solar energy. This will help you to save money and will also help in protecting the environment. 

The goal of this venture is to offer good quality and affordable solutions to customers about renewable sources of energy. Cola Solar provides solar power system advice and installs them with certified professional service. And you can surely expect a warm welcome from this family business. 

Cola Solar is always very interested in working with customers in order to put together a solar power system, starting from designing to installation, that will be best suitable for the customers in terms of budget and energy needs. The company services residential and commercial properties all throughout Victoria. 

Why should you choose Cola Solar? 

As we mentioned earlier, Cola Solar is a local family-owned business that is operating in Victoria, Australia, for over nine years. The company has installed more than 4,000 solar power systems throughout Victoria and specialises in commercial and residential solar projects. 

The company installs some of the best quality solar panels available in the Australian solar market. Cola Solar provides professional service to its customers and has a remarkable customer support team, always ready to help in any queries and warranty claims. 

The solar panels or any other solar products installed by this company are all approved by the Clean Energy Council and are part of the list of approved solar products. This means that the brands or products that Cola Solar installs are safe and suitable for use. The company itself is a member of the Clean Energy Council

Installation of a solar power system can be overwhelming as it is a long-term investment and definitely not a cheap one. But do not worry, as Cola Solar is here to help with their multiple financing options, along with solar rebates from the Australian government, discounts, and other incentives. They also offer maintenance and cleaning services to help homeowners take care of their solar power systems. In other words, they got you covered in every way. 

Solar Panels:

A solar system will not be able to produce solar energy without the help of solar panels. 

Cola Solar only works with tier 1 solar panel manufacturers and offers solar panels of high quality to ensure the satisfaction of the customer’s investment in solar power. All the solar panels provided by Cola Solar are Tier 1, resistant to the harsh elements of the climate in Australia, and come with a product and performance warranty of 10 to 25 years. So let us take a look at the solar panels that Cola Solar installs:

  • Longi Solar 
  • SunPower 
  • Risen
  • Suntech
  • Canadian Solar
  • Seraphim 

Solar Inverters:

A solar inverter is the most crucial part of a solar power system as it makes the solar energy generated by the solar panels ready to use. Solar panels produce electricity in the form of DC electricity, and the majority of appliances function with AC electricity, so the work of a solar inverter is to convert that DC electricity to AC electricity to make the appliances function. 

Cola Solar offers solar inverters that are of high quality and efficient in terms of both cost and performance at the same time. The solar inverter brands that they currently install are:

  • Enphase
  • Fronius
  • ABB
  • Huawei
  • Goodwe
  • SMA
  • Solis (Ningbo Ginlong)

Solar Battery:

Solar batteries allow homeowners and businesses to store the extra energy produced by their solar power system during the day and use that excess stored energy during the night. The excess energy stored in the solar battery can also help businesses and homeowners during blackouts. Using a solar battery system will allow you to maximise your solar at all times of the day while the national electricity grid works as a backup system. Cola Solar installs solar batteries manufactured by Tesla. 

Cola Solar’s Solar Hot Water:

Cola Solar also offers solar hot water systems that help residential and commercial properties to save money on the cost of water heating. The solar hot water systems that Cola Solar installs are all accredited by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) of Australia.

Installing a solar hot water system can help you to save 80% on water heating costs. It will also boost the value of your property and reduce your carbon footprint. Cola Solar works with Reclaim Energy to install solar hot water systems. 

The latest projects of Cola Solar are:

  • Mitsubishi and Renault Bendigo
  • Victory Christian College
  • Rochester Hospital
  • John Edwards Dairy
  • Estia Health Bendigo
  • Moama Anglican Grammar

Cola Solar takes pride in offering good quality and the most energy efficient systems that are manufactured using the latest and the most innovative solar technologies to their customers. They only install solar products that are designed, developed, and manufactured in Australia.

The electricians that the company works with are all accredited by the Clean Energy Council. The plumbers that fit the solar hot water systems are all approved by the Plumbing Industry Commission

The main objective of Cola Solar is to provide its customers with efficient and affordable solutions of renewable sources of energy that are suitable according to the budget and the electricity usage and demand of the customer.

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