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In the world of solar power systems, solar inverters are a necessary solar component. There are hundreds of solar inverter brands and manufacturers and more than a thousand solar inverter models available in the Australian solar market. Selecting a solar inverter model out of these thousand different models is not an easy task in any way. It is the duty of Compare Solar Quotes, to tell the truth about solar power systems and solar components to the Australian people. People must be aware of the solar components that they are purchasing and installing. In this guide, we will review the SAJ Solar inverters. 

In a solar power system, there is no alternative to the installation of a solar inverter; but how does a solar inverter work? The solar photovoltaic panels installed on our roof generate electricity by absorbing energy from the sun. This solar energy produced is in the form of DC electricity that is not compatible with the appliances we use. 

The duty of a solar inverter is to convert this solar energy produced from DC electricity to AC electricity and make it usable for the appliances in our home. Basically, there are five types of solar inverters available in the world of solar inverters. These are standard single-phase solar inverter, hybrid solar inverter, three-phase solar inverter, microinverters and power optimisers.

SAJ Solar is the trading name of Guangzhou Sanjing Electric Co., LTD, which is a company in China that mainly focuses on the conversion of renewable energy. The company was founded in 2005 and started with a registered capital of 50.4 million RMB, which makes this solar inverter manufacturer a small company. 

Since the beginning of their establishment, the SAJ Solar inverter sales and distribution has mainly been focused domestically in China with 20 branch offices and more than 80 service centres and various manufacturing facilities. However, the solar inverter company has now expanded to various parts of the world by setting up service centres in countries including Australia, Turkey, Germany, India, Belgium, and Brazil. 

In Australia, the SAJ Australia Pty Ltd was established in 2019 and currently operates out of their office in Melbourne, Victoria. 

Why choose the SAJ Solar Inverters?

There are various solar inverter models and brands available in the Australian solar market. While choosing a solar inverter for your home, there are certain factors that you must consider. These factors are:

  • Efficiency

Considering the efficiency of a solar inverter is essential before choosing one. The standard efficiency of residential solar inverters is generally 95 per cent to 98 per cent. And the SAJ Solar inverters meet these solar inverter efficiency standards. The least solar inverter efficiency of the SAJ Solar inverters is 97.8 per cent, while there are a few models that reach the efficiency rating of 98.9 per cent. 

  • Warranty

All the Clean Energy Council approved SAJ Solar inverters come with a standard product warranty of 5 years. However, SAJ Solar offers a warranty extension of 20 years within 18 months of installation. Even though the manufacturer will cover the costs of the replaceable parts, the customers will have to pay for the labour costs and transportation costs. 

SAJ asks their customers to contact the solar installer first if they face any issues with the inverter. If they are unable to contact the installer, then the customers should fill out the warranty claim form on the website of SAJ Solar. 

  • Compatibility With Battery

All the SAJ Solar inverters are not compatible with solar batteries. Before you install solar battery storage, make sure that you ensure that the inverter is compatible with the battery solution. However, you can easily add solar battery storage with single-phase and three-phase solar inverters. 

  • Weather Resistance

Australia is known for the extreme conditions of its weather and climate. It is essential to choose solar inverters and solar components that have the ability to resist these extreme Australian weather conditions. The SAJ Solar inverters can easily resist these weather conditions. If the solar inverters cannot resist these temperatures, then the solar inverters will have to be changed often. 

  • Cost

Solar inverters cost about 10 per cent to 20 per cent of the total price of a solar power system. It is essential to make sure that you choose a high-quality solar inverter in order to get the best value for your system. Problems in the inverter will affect the daily energy generation of the system. 

SAJ Solar inverters offer some of the best features in the solar industry but are relatively cheaper compared to the high-end solar inverters in the market. Any well-known solar inverter of SAJ Solar costs less than the solar inverters of Fronius, SMA, Growatt, etc. 

Even though the SAJ Solar inverters have recently set up their operations in the Australian solar market, the company has successfully set up a local office in Australia. Not only that, but the solar inverter manufacturer has also set up a clear and effective procedure for warranty claims. This is something that the majority of Chinese competitors have failed to do. The price of the solar inverters that this solar inverter manufacturer offers to the Australian people puts this company on the cheaper side of the Australian solar market. 


SAJ Solar inverters have proven to be efficient and one of the best solar inverters in the Australian solar market. These solar inverters are indeed reliable and great for installation. If we consider the efficiency, warranty, cost, and other factors of the SAJ Solar inverters, we will see that these inverters provide a high-quality performance. 

SAJ Solar inverters are a good choice for both residential and commercial solar projects. Contact your solar installer if you are interested in installing the SAJ Solar inverter with your solar power system. If you are looking for solar quotes of systems, including the SAJ Solar inverters, then feel free to contact us at Compare Solar Quotes. 

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