Review Alert: Seraphim Solar Panel

Seraphim Solar Panel

The Seraphim solar panel review will provide homeowners with a fair idea of whether Seraphim solar panels are a wise choice for their homes. Before we get into details about the solar panels manufactured by Seraphim, let us know about the company’s history.

Seraphim is a Chinese solar panel manufacturer founded in the year 2011. The company established a mission of developing a better world with the help of solar innovation.

Where are the Seraphim Solar Panels Made?

Seraphim has manufacturing plants in China, Vietnam, and South Africa. The company has distributed solar panels to more than 40 countries in the world. Seraphim has a solar panel production capacity of 5GW, which makes them a mid-tier manufacturer in the solar industry.

Seraphim entered the Australian solar market back in the year 2012, but they have recently started gaining a reputation in Australia. Seraphim agreed to a 50 megawatts solar panel supply agreement with Raystech Group, an Australian-based solar wholesaler and importer. The solar companies that import the solar panels manufactured by Seraphim hold the responsibility for servicing the warranty claims in the Australian solar market.

Are the Seraphim Solar Panels Any Good?

The solar panels manufactured by Seraphim are branded as Tier 1 solar panels. Tier 1 solar panels mean that the Seraphim solar panels meet a specific set of requirements and are of high quality. In Australia, homeowners and businesses should not go for anything less than Tier 1.

Seraphim offers a product warranty of 10 years and a performance warranty of 25 years. A product warranty of 10 years is considered pretty good as the majority of Tier 1 solar panels have a product warranty of 10 years. The S3 series of the Seraphim solar panels come with a product warranty of 15 years. The 15-year product warranty is one of the highest in the Australian solar market.

Extended warranties ensure the customers that the products will last longer and provide good service. This also shows that the manufacturers have confidence in the quality of their solar panels.

The Seraphim solar panels offer outstanding performance at an affordable price. The aim of the solar panel manufacturer is to more solar energy more affordable for the world. Thus, they have not increased the cost of their solar panels even though the panels provide an appreciating performance.

For Australians, the price of the Seraphim solar panels is highly affordable. The price will reduce even further after adding the federal and state solar rebates. 

The Seraphim solar panels were tested for the performance ratio in the year 2012, and the result came out as 93.6 per cent. This result was 0.3 per cent higher than the performance ratio of QCell solar panels. Seraphim solar panels also have a history with the famous DNV GL/PVEL test. The solar panels manufactured by Seraphim were able to pass three DNV GL tests in 2015 and were announced a top performer in 2017.

Seraphim was announced the top performer of 2019 by PVEL. According to the solar panel testers, the PVEL test is one of the most complicated tests to pass in the history of solar panels. The PVEL test is done to show the durability and the performance of the solar panels. It suggests how long the solar panels will last, whether they can provide good performance and the overall reliability of the solar panels.

Seraphim has proven itself repeatedly against some of the high-end giants of the solar panel industry. SunPower is the only brand that outperformed Seraphim.

The Seraphim solar panels have an efficiency conversion of 20 per cent. This efficiency rating is pretty average compared to the solar panels available in the Australian solar market. The majority of high-end solar panel manufacturers are keeping their efficiency rating high with the help of the latest technologies.

The model range of Seraphim solar panels that are available in the Australian solar market are:

  • S2 series:

The Seraphim S2 series solar panels feature monofacial and bifacial panels and feature their “Blade” panels. The solar panels in the S2 series use half cell technology. The majority of solar panel manufacturers now adapt this technology to improve resilience and yield to shading.


  • S3 series:

The S3 series solar panels manufactured by Seraphim also feature both mono facial and bifacial solar panels and reach an efficiency rating of up to 20.7 per cent. The series also features a 166mm silicon wafer which improves the total output of the solar panels.

  • SRP – BMB – DG series:

The SRP – BMB – DG series features dual-glass technology, which means that the front and back of the solar panels are both made of glass. The dual-glass technology is used to reduce the likelihood of faults and degradation. The increased sustainability of this series allows Seraphim to offer a product warranty of 15 years and a performance warranty of 30 years. This warranty is better than the 10-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty of the S2 and S3 series.

All these Seraphim solar panels available in Australia are approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC).

A significant drawback of choosing Seraphim solar panels is that they do not have an office in Australia. The official website of Seraphim shows a call centre in Melbourne, but there is no way of claiming warranties there. The customers will have to contact their solar installers if they encounter any problems with their solar panels. Solar installers often go out of business due to various reasons, and the customers will then have to contact the Seraphim office in China.

In conclusion of this Seraphim solar panel review, it can easily be said that Seraphim solar panels are one of the best solar panels in the Australian solar market due to their performance, efficiency, warranty, and affordable price. Homeowners must consider the Seraphim solar panels if they are looking for a great-performing solar panel at a reasonable price.

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