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Who Owns Risen Solar Panels

Risen Energy Co., Ltd. was established in the year 1986, and the company converted to a solar panel manufacturer from a producer in the year 2002. Since 2008, Risen has been supplying solar panels into Australia and has developed two Australian offices in Brisbane and Melbourne. Risen was the seventh-largest solar panel supplier in the world in the year 2017. 

Why Should We Choose?

Risen solar panels offer a product warranty of 15 years whereas, the majority of solar panel manufacturers offer a product warranty of 10 years. Risen Energy has invested millions in research and development to ensure that its solar panels are one of the best panels in the market

Even though the Risen solar panels are not promoted in the Australian solar market like other Chinese solar panel manufacturers, they have gained a good reputation for their solar panels. Risen is receiving excellent results in the independent tests, and the debt ratio of the company is not bad either. 

The Risen solar panels are certified as resistant to corrosion and are suitable to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Australia. The Risen solar panels are coupled with a product warranty of 15 years and a performance warranty of 25 years. It is assured that the solar panels manufactured by Risen will last long. The solar panels by Risen are considered one of the most cost-efficient solar panels in the Australian solar market. 

Risen has been able to produce high-performing solar panels due to the research and development done by the Risen team. Risen exploits monocrystalline and polycrystalline technologies and the half-cut cell technology to produce high-performing solar panels. The company also uses the Heterojunction intrinsic thin-layer (HJT) along with the bifacial technology to manufacture high-efficient solar panels. Some of the new mono PERC solar panels of Risen have recorded high efficiencies up to 20.5 per cent. 

Risen now offers two series of solar panels in Australia. The standard half-cut and fuel cells panels as well as the Jäger Plus series. The Jäger Plus series is both Mono facial and Bi facial. The Risen Jäger Plus has an efficiency rating of 20.2 per cent. All the solar panels of Risen come with a 15-year product warranty that covers the panels if there is a failure in the panels due to a manufacturing fault. 

The Risen solar panel models approved by the Clean Energy Council for use in Australia are: 

Risen solar panels are perfectly suitable on the roofs of the majority of homes in Australia. The Risen solar panels are durable and adapted to the harsh weather conditions of Australia. The Half-cut mono cells of Risen perform perfectly on shaded roofs as well. 

Risen has a range of solar panels available to choose from. The solar panels of Risen range from polycrystalline, monocrystalline, and heterojunction intrinsic thin-layers. Risen is the perfect solar panel brand for your home if you have ample roof space. The Risen solar panels have a wind and snow load of 5400pa and 2400pa. 

Install the polycrystalline solar panel if you have plenty of space on your roof and want to save some money. Consider installing the Risen monocrystalline solar panels if you need a solar panel that works in the high temperatures of summer and the cold of winter. The price of the Risen solar panels is affordable while offering outstanding performance. 

The majority of solar panel manufacturers mainly focus on distributing their solar panels in the solar market. An office in Australia is necessary for the solar panel manufacturers in order to take care of both distribution and customer service. It is easier for the homeowners in the country to contact and access the offices if they need to claim their warranties or any other issues arise. 

An office in Australia also reduces the dependency of homeowners on solar installers. The reason for reducing this dependency is that many solar installers often go out of business within the lifetime of the solar panels. The homeowners are left stranded when the solar installers go out of business. 

Fortunately, Risen does not leave its customers stranded. The company has 11 offices all over the world, and two among these 11 offices are in Australia. Homeowners must contact the solar installer first if they face any problems with the solar panels. Risen encourages homeowners to contact them directly if they encounter issues with the solar panels or warranty claims if the solar installers go out of business. 

Are Risen Solar Panels any good?

Independent testing and approval from the Clean Energy Council (CEC) prove that the Risen solar panels are reliable and provide high performance and outstanding durability. Risen Energy manufactures large amounts of solar panels and has better quality than most other Chinese solar panel manufacturers. 

The Risen solar panels perform well for their reasonable price but keep in mind that they are not premium solar panels. Risen has been in the Australian solar market for more than a decade now and is a perfect choice for homeowners who have a large roof and stiff budgets. But if you have a higher budget or a small roof space, then we suggest that you move for a better performing solar panel brand. 

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