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Fronius is highly reputed in the world of solar and is considered the top manufacturer of string solar inverters in the world. This worldwide reputation of Fronius is not only based on its sales but is also based on the reliability, service, and quality of the inverters. A solar inverter is most likely to face problems as it is the most intricate part of a solar power system. 

Faults in the inverter can be annoying for both the customers and installers and can often result in a complete shutdown of the system. Therefore, the reliability of an inverter cannot be compromised. 

Fronius was founded in Austria on 20th June 1945. Fronius introduced its first grid-connected solar inverter to the world in the year 1995. Solar inverters of Fronius are suitable for both residential and commercial solar projects. 

The work of an inverter is to convert the DC electricity generated by solar panels into AC electricity, making it usable for appliances. 

String inverters are considered the standard inverter in the solar industry. The power generated by the solar panels is sent to a central inverter, where it is converted from DC electricity to AC electricity. 

On the other hand, microinverters convert DC to AC electricity at the site of each solar panel and allows for monitoring and regulation of power at the panels. Microinverters are helpful for homes that are subjected to shading. 

The SnapINverter technology is a unique feature of the Fronius inverters. The inverted is mounted on a bracket on the wall with a hinge system. This technology makes servicing easier as the inverter opens like the boot of a car and does not have to be removed from the wall. 

Now that we have talked about Fronius and Solar inverters let us take a look at the types of inverters that Fronius has.

  • Fronius Galvo:

The Fronius Galvo is the perfect inverter for household solar power systems, and the power categories range from 1.5 to 3.1kW. The Galvo inverters are suitable for rendering older solar power systems and are primarily used as replacement inverters for small and old capacity solar systems. 

  • Fronius Primo:

The Fronius Primo is a single-phase inverter without a transformer, and the power categories range from 3 to 8.2kW, which makes Primo a suitable choice to be used as a residential solar inverter. 

  • Fronius Symo:

The Fronius Symo is a three-phase inverter without a transformer, and the power categories range from 3 to 20kW. This power range allows the Symo inverter to be used in most residential solar power systems. 

  • Fronius Eco:

The Fronius Eco is a three-phase inverter without a transformer and is fabricated for large installations. The power categories of Eco inverters are 25 or 27kW, which makes them suitable for commercial use. 

The efficiency of the Fronius Primo and Symo is 98% or above, whereas the standard efficiency for residential solar inverters is typically 95 to 98%. This efficiency rating puts Primo and Symo in the leading positions of residential solar inverters. 

The technology of inverter efficiency is seen in Fronius Galvo. It uses a high-frequency transformer with three peaks of efficiency. The high-frequency transformer is more efficient across the comprehensive range of input voltage which allows a higher percentage yield. 

It is crucial to choose an appropriately sized solar inverter to maximise the efficiency of the solar panel system. Value is captured by the Fronius inverters through a number of components. The first data communication package of the company showcases the solar inverter evolutions. The data communication package is connected to the inverter and provides monitor energy management and data logging ability. The information provided by this package allows the homeowners to increase the rate of their power consumption and hence reduces the dependency on power from the grid. 

The Fronius Primo and Symo both use the Superflex Design by Fronius. The two maximum point trackers allow the housing of the total output of the nominal inverter, despite the orientation of the roof or shading. The MPP is tracked by the inverters by the algorithm of Dynamic Peak Manager, and the optimal operating point is adapted dynamically. 

All Fronius inverters approved by the Clean Energy Council come with a warranty of 5 years for parts and labour in Australia. An additional free extension of a 5-year warranty on parts can be claimed by registering at solarweb within 30 months of dispatch of the inverter from the factory. 

An extension of warranty can also be purchased from the installer of the inverter with 30 months of the inverter dispatch from the factory of Fronius. This purchase can be for 10 to 25 years. 

The Fronius inverters are manufactured in Europe with high-quality components and therefore come with a higher price tag compared to the China manufactured inverters. 

It is worth investing in a high-quality inverter as the inverters have a significant impact on the performance and efficiency of the solar power system. The cost of an inverter runs between 10-20% of the total solar power system cost. 

This review of Fronius Inverter makes it clear why Fronius is considered a leading manufacturer of solar inverter worldwide. If we summarise the entire guide, high-quality inverters, proven performance, and reliability are the reasons why Fronius is so famous. The only problem now is being able to get hold of a Fronius inverter as the demand is high, but the supply is limited. To know more about Australian solar industry click here.

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