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Tesla Solar Roof: Why You Shouldn’t Consider

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla is one of the biggest companies operating in the world today’s date. Even though Tesla is very well-known because of its electric vehicles, the company got itself winded in quite a few controversies in the world of solar energy. When Tesla solar roof entered the Australian solar market, experts, installers, customers, and everyone was skeptical about the solar roof. 

The Tesla solar roof, also commonly known as solar shingles, looks cool on the rooftop of a house, but the design or the concept itself is not logical. There are quite a few reasons why solar experts all over Australia do not suggest the use of tesla solar roofs. In this guide, we will discuss the reasons why you should not switch to a Tesla solar roof. 

Before you get into the reasons, let us know the basics of the tesla solar roof. 

Tesla has recently introduced a new method of generating solar electricity. In this method, the solar cells are incorporated with the roof tiles that are used to cover the roof. These solar cells present in the tiles absorb energy from the sun and generate electricity. In this way, homeowners will get the advantages of solar power without installing the traditional solar panels on their roof. 

Reasons why you should not go for Tesla Solar Roof

  • Tesla Solar Roofs are Expensive

When it comes to solar power systems, the installation of regular solar panels is already a significant investment. The upfront costs of solar power systems are often out of our budget, causing a lot of people to back out from switching to solar. The price of installation of a Tesla solar roof is significantly higher compared to solar panels. 

The financial planning or pricing of the Tesla solar roof will not be logical unless and until you are planning to replace or repair your roof and install a solar power system at the same time. The reason why the installation of the Tesla solar roof is so expensive is that it will replace all your existing roof tiles with their solar roof shingles that have the ability to generate electricity. 

However, if we compare the costing between the repair of your existing roof and installation of a solar power system with the installation of the Tesla solar roof, then the cost of the solar roof by Tesla will still be significantly higher. 

  • The Design is Fixed

When it comes to solar power systems, we know that the one size fits all concept does not work. However, this is the concept that Tesla uses in case of their solar roofs. Tesla has only the size of solar roof tiles, saving them the cost of production, but this can turn out to be expensive for the homeowners. 

Tesla does not allow any sort of changes in their design of solar roof tiles, making it harder for the homeowners to generate the required amount of energy most of the time. There are many people who prefer one brand of solar battery or solar components over another, but you will not be able to get that with the Tesla solar roof. 

  • Tesla Solar Roof is Inefficient

One of the major reasons why we do not prefer the installation of the Tesla solar roof is because of its efficiency. In the world of solar, efficiency is quite a major factor as it determines the amount of solar energy a solar panel will generate in an hour. Low efficiency means that the panels will generate less amount of solar electricity and this does not sit well with the majority of homeowners. Tesla did not introduce any performance specifications of their solar roof tiles and this means that we do not have any idea about the efficiency rating of their solar panels. 

But from what we have witnessed in the Australian solar market, Tesla solar roofs are fixed on the roof as the original shape. This makes it harder for the solar cells to absorb solar energy to their fullest efficiency. We also noticed that an 8kW Tesla solar roof saves the same amount of money on electricity bills as a 5kW of regular solar power system. 

  • Tesla Solar Roof cannot be Expanded

In a household, energy requirements do not always stay the same and sometimes you need to expand the solar power system to meet that additional energy requirement. However, this cannot be done with the Tesla solar roof as the design is fixed and you cannot add or remove any solar tile depending on your requirement. On the other hand, with regular solar power systems, you can expand the system by adding more solar panels to generate a higher amount of electricity. 

  • Customer Service of Tesla is not Reliable

Over the years, we have noticed that the performance of the customer service offered by Tesla is poor in the solar industry. The customer representatives of Tesla often take weeks to respond to solar installation queries and warranty claims. This makes the service unreliable as slow processing of warranty claims makes it harder for the homeowners to generate and use solar power. 

Not only that, but the entire solar power service of Tesla seems unreliable, mainly due to the lack of information about their solar roof tiles. This makes it hard for the homeowners and experts to trust Tesla with their money in the solar power industry. 

Final Words

There is no doubt that Tesla is a big name all over the world, but when it comes to solar power, Tesla is only all bells and whistles. As we discussed above, going for the Tesla solar roof comes with several disadvantages rather than advantages. Solar power systems are meant to make life easier for the homeowners, not the other way round. If you are concerned about your solar power and energy requirements, going for the regular solar power system is a better option.

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