MSquare Solar Panel Review

Solar power systems are useless without solar panels as there will be no generated electricity. Choosing the right solar panels is very important to get the best value for your money. Homeowners or business owners must research the solar market carefully before purchasing and installing solar power systems for their homes and businesses. However, Compare Solar Quotes is here to save you from the hassle of researching the Australian solar market for solar power systems. Our team will find the best solar panels and components for you based on your requirements and budget. In this guide, we will review the MSquare solar panel available in the Australian solar market. 

In 2019, MSquare began operating its business in Australia. The company originally started by applying its brand to solar panels that were manufactured by a Chinese solar panel manufacturer. Clean Energy Council co-licensed the Chinese solar panel manufacturer and MSquare, and the solar panels were sold in the Australian solar market. However, CEC de-listed the solar panels manufactured by the Chinese manufacturer from their list of approved products. And the solar panels were no longer allowed for sale in the Australian solar market.

This delisting by the CEC made way for the MSquare 350W solar panels and future solar products manufactured in Australia into the Australian solar market. The product manufactured by MSquare has been certified as made in Australia and tested by TÜV for IEC standards. The Australian manufacturer has a production facility in Australia situated in Western Sydney, and the production capacity of the company is 300MW per year now. 

MSquare revealed that they have plans of establishing a 500MW production facility in Bathurst, New South Wales. Australian solar installers can purchase the MSquare solar panels through their channel partner MMEM Greentech, owner of TLE Electrical. Let us know a bit more about the MSquare solar panels. 

MSquare Solar Panel Efficiency

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved a number of solar panels manufactured by MSquare Energy in Australia. The company currently manufactures a 350W solar panel only but has plans of manufacturing more panels within 2021. 

The MSquare MSEA series solar panels feature half-cut solar cells, which means that each of the solar cells is divided into two. This feature retains the power output of the solar panels but decreases the resistance of electricity. These monocrystalline solar cells offer a maximum solar panel efficiency of 20.5 per cent, which categorises these solar panels as above average. 

The panels manufactured by the company are measured at 1m by 1.69m, which means that these panels can easily be installed for residential solar projects. MSquare has plans of releasing their Kangaroo series solar panels within 2021 and ensures that the new panels will come with better efficiency than the MSEA series panels. 

MSquare Solar Panel Warranties

The majority of solar panels sold in the Australian solar market come with a product warranty of no longer than 10 to 15 years. Product warranty of solar panels provides protection against all sorts of defects that arise in the manufacturing process. MSquare provides a product warranty of 25 years which shows that the company has confidence in their high-quality solar panels. 

The solar panels of MSquare also feature a performance warranty which ensures that the solar panels will generate a specific amount of electricity under standard conditions. Similar to the majority of the solar panel manufacturers in the market, MSquare also offers a performance warranty of 25 years. 

Each year, solar panels undergo a certain rate of degradation, which means that a percentage of their efficiency decreases with each passing year. MSquare guarantees that their solar panels degrade at a rate of 0.5 per cent each year after the first year of installation. This degradation rate is slightly better than the standard 0.7 per cent degradation rate in the Australian solar market. 

What makes MSquare Different than other manufacturers?

There are several different solar panel manufacturers and brands available in the Australian solar market, but what makes MSquare different from those?

The fact that makes MSquare stand out among the majority of solar panel manufacturers is that the MSquare solar panels are made in Australia. MSquare is currently the second solar panel manufacturer that produces Australia-made solar panels alongside Tindo Solar in Australia. 

MSquare currently has a solar panel production facility in Western Sydney where they assemble their solar panels. The company imports the majority of the solar panel parts from overseas. However, the company ensures that most of these components, along with the high-quality solar cells, are not manufactured in China. 

Is MSquare reliable?

The majority of solar panel manufacturers entering the solar market in Australia mainly focus on setting up their distribution channels and do not worry about customer service. This results in the suffering of various homeowners and business owners as they try to reach the solar panel manufacturers when problems arise. 

Depending on the solar installer for warranty claims is not really a good option as we have seen several solar installers go out of business in the last few years. MSquare is an Australian business and produces solar panels in a facility in Western Sydney, Australia. The company also has a great customer service team which means that people can easily contact them for warranty claims or any other issues regarding their panels. 


MSquare aims to produce highly efficient and cost-effective solar panels for the Australian people in order to provide the best value for money to their customers. The company built their business on four core values which are, ethics, compliance, safety, and people treatment. From everything we have seen and heard about the MSquare solar panels so far, we can say that the company is trustworthy and reliable. If you are looking for a great quality solar panel at an affordable price, then do not forget to check out MSquare.

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