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In a solar power system, a solar inverter is as essential as the solar panels. In the Australian solar market, there are several brands and manufacturers of solar inverters. You will find more than a thousand solar inverter models available. Selecting a solar inverter model suitable for your home out of these thousand different models is not an easy task. At Compare Solar Quotes, it is our goal to tell the truth about solar power systems and solar components to the people of Australia. People must know properly the solar components that they are purchasing and installing. In this guide, we will review the Fox ESS inverters available in the solar market of Australia. 

In a solar power system, proper installation of a solar inverter is very important; but what is the function of a solar inverter? The solar modules installed on the roof of a home generate solar electricity by absorbing energy from the sun. The panels produce solar energy in the form of DC electricity, and this form of energy is not compatible with the appliances we use in our homes. 

The duty of a solar inverter is to convert this solar DC electricity produced to AC electricity and allow the appliances in our home to work using solar energy. Basically, there are five types of solar inverters available, and these are standard single-phase solar inverter, three-phase solar inverter, hybrid solar inverter,  microinverters and power optimisers.

Fox ESS manufactures solar inverters and other energy storage solutions and has headquarters situated in Wuxi, China. In the industry of solar components, this component is one of the newest companies, established in September of 2019. Fox ESS is a branch of the Tsingshan Group. Tsingshan is a Fortune Global 500 company and is the biggest manufacturer of stainless steel in the entire world. 

The Tsingshan Group has more than 56,000 employees all over the world, and in 2019, the company recorded annual revenue of 37.6 billion USD. In Indonesia, the company has one of the largest nickel supply chains in the world. Fox ESS has plans of using this nickel supply chain development as their advantage and producing better electric vehicles and battery storage solutions. 

As the Fox ESS is a new establishment, it still does not have an office or website located in Australia. But the company has a contact number in Australia in order to provide customer support to the Australian customer. 

Why choose the Fox ESS inverters?

There are several solar inverter brands and models available in the Australian solar market. While choosing a solar inverter for your home, there are certain factors that you must consider. These factors are:

  • Efficiency

Considering the efficiency of a solar inverter is important before finalising an inverter. The standard efficiency of residential solar inverters is generally 95 per cent to 98 per cent. And the Fox ESS inverters meet these solar inverter efficiency standards. The least efficiency rating of the Fox ESS residential inverters is 97.4 per cent. 

  • Warranty

According to the Fox ESS warranty people, there are a few inverter models that come with a warranty of 5 years. These models are:

  • E3000, E3600, F4600, F5000, F6000
  • C3000, C3700, C4600, C5000
  • S700, S1000, S1500, S2000, S2500, S3000
  • T3000, T4000, T5000, T6000, T8000, T10000, T12000

If the inverter is registered on the Fox ESS website within 3 years from the date of product manufacture, then you will receive an extended warranty for 5 years. In this extended warranty period, the manufacturer will only cover the inverter repair costs. 

  • Compatibility With Battery

All the Fox ESS solar inverters do not work with solar batteries. Before you install solar battery storage in your home, make sure that the inverter works properly with the battery solution. But you can easily add a solar battery with single-phase solar inverters and three-phase solar inverters. 

  • Weather Resistance

We all know the extreme conditions of the Australian weather and climate. It is necessary to choose solar inverters and solar components that can resist these extreme Australian weather conditions. The Fox ESS inverters can easily resist these weather conditions. If the solar inverters cannot resist the harsh temperatures, then the solar inverters will require replacement often.

  • Cost

Solar inverters cost about 10 to 20 per cent of the total price of a solar power system installation. You must make sure that you choose a high-quality solar inverter in order to receive the best value for your money. Problems in the inverter will widely affect the energy generation of the system. 

Fox ESS inverters offer a few great features in the solar industry but are relatively cheaper compared to the high-end solar inverters in the market. The solar inverters of Fox ESS cost less than the solar inverters of GoodWe, Fronius, SMA, Growatt, and so on. 

The Fox ESS inverters have recently set up their operations in the Australian solar market, but the company has yet to set up a local office in Australia. However, the company has a contact number in Australia that helps people to easily contact in case any problem arises. 

This is something that the majority of Chinese competitors could not provide to the Australian people. The price of the solar inverters by this brand puts this company on the cheaper side of solar inverters in the Australian solar market. 


The Fox ESS solar inverters are new in the Australian solar market and are trying to get a market share in Australia. There are always risks that are associated with the products that come from small brands and companies. This is because these companies do not have a service track record or proof that they can uphold the warranty claims. 

The Fox ESS has shown some promising signs that they can compete against some of the high-end solar inverter manufacturers in Australia. But right now, we do not have any such proof or feature that would help us to advise people positively to purchase the Fox ESS inverters. 

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