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Solar power systems do not work without solar panels as there will be no generated electricity. Choosing the accurate solar panel manufacturer is very important to get the best value for your hard-earned money. All homeowners and business owners must research the solar market properly before choosing and installing solar power components for their homes and businesses. However, Compare Solar Quotes is here to save you from the trouble of researching the Australian solar market for solar power systems. Our research team will find the best solar panels and solar components for you based on your requirements and budget. In this guide, we will review the ET Solar panels available in the Australian solar market. 

The trading name of the Jiankai Sunshine New Energy Technology, previously known as Zhongsheng Sunshine New Energy Technology, is ET Solar. The Jiankai Sunshine New Energy Technology was originally established in 2005. ET Solar usually operates as a manufacturer of solar photovoltaic panels, and their headquarters are located in Nanjing, China. This solar panel manufacturer is owned by the government of China. 

The company has more than 3000 employees right now and generates approximately 1.7 gigawatts of solar panels each year. This production capacity makes this solar panel manufacturer a small scale business in China. ET Solar is a vertically integrated solar panel manufacturer, which means that they entirely produce their solar panels from raw materials in their manufacturing facility. 

The company does not depend on any suppliers, and that makes them less vulnerable to faulty parts and products and helps them to ensure the quality of their products. ET Solar distributes their solar panels to solar installers all over the world via One Stop Warehouse. However, ET Solar does not have any staff, website, or office in Australia. 

ET Solar Panel Efficiency

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved about 40 of the solar panels manufactured by ET Energy in Australia. The company currently manufactures solar panels that range between 340 watts to 410 watts, and the company is advancing their solar panels with each passing day. 

The ET Elite Mono solar panels feature 72 monocrystalline solar cells, which means that these panels have higher efficiency compared to solar panels made out of polycrystalline solar panels. The advanced designs and features of the solar panels allow the system to reach a high voltage rating of 1500VDC. These monocrystalline solar cells offer a maximum solar panel efficiency of 19.5 per cent, which categorises these solar panels as above average. 

The Elite Plus solar panels by ET Solar feature 144 monocrystalline cells and have an efficiency rating of 19.9 per cent. 

The ET Elite Poly solar panels feature 72 polycrystalline solar cells and have an efficiency rating of 17.5 per cent. The polycrystalline solar panels are cost-effective but not efficient compared to the solar panels made out of monocrystalline solar cells. 

ET Solar Panel Warranties

The majority of solar panels sold in the Australian solar market come with a product warranty of no longer than 10 to 15 years. Product warranty of solar panels provides protection against all sorts of defects that arise in the manufacturing process. ET provides a product warranty of 10 years which shows that the company has confidence in their high-quality solar panels. 

The solar panels of ET Solar also feature a performance warranty which ensures that the solar panels will generate a specific amount of electricity under standard conditions. Similar to the majority of the solar panel manufacturers in the market, ET also offers a performance warranty of 25 years. 

Each year, solar panels undergo a certain rate of degradation, which means that a percentage of their efficiency decreases with each passing year. ET warranties that their solar panels degrade at a rate of a small percentage each year after the first year of installation. The company ensures that the solar panel performs at an efficiency of 80 to 82 per cent after a period of 25 years. 

What makes ET different than other Manufacturers?

There are several different solar panel manufacturers and brands available in the Australian solar market, but what makes ET different from those?

The fact that makes ET stand out among the majority of solar panel manufacturers is that ET solar panels are manufactured from scratch in their warehouse. ET is currently one of the rare companies that manufacture its own solar panels. 

ET currently has a solar panel production facility in Nanjing, China,  where they make their solar panels. The company exports the majority of the solar panel parts to several countries all over the world. However, the company ensures that most of these raw materials, along with high-quality solar cells, are available in China. 

Is ET reliable?

The majority of solar panel manufacturers that enter the solar market in Australia with their solar panels mainly focus on setting up their distribution channels and do not worry about customer service. This results in the suffering of various homeowners and business owners as they try to contact the solar panel manufacturers when they face problems with the solar panels. 

Depending on the solar installer for warranty claims is not really a good option as we have seen several solar installers go out of business in the last few years. ET does not have any staff, office, or warehouse in Australia and produces solar panels in a facility in China. The company does not provide good customer service in Australia, and the only means of contacting them is via solar installers. 


ET aims to produce highly efficient and cost-effective solar panels for people all over the world in order to provide the best value for money to their customers. From everything we have seen and heard about the ET solar so far, we do not advise installing the ET solar panels in Australia. The main reason behind this advice is the lack of an Australian office.

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