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We all are aware of the current situation of the energy bills and the impacts of climate change. In order to save our pockets and the climate, a lot of people are switching to solar energy. But it is tough to choose from several solar panel manufacturers available in the solar market of Australia. Compare Solar Quotes provides solar consultation and solutions to people all over Australia. Here, we try our very best to answer the questions and solve the issues about solar energy and solar power systems. In this article, we will talk about the manufacturer of BYD solar panel. 

BYD is one of the leading Chinese solar panel manufacturers available in the Australian solar market, founded in the year 1995. In the Australian solar market, BYD is best known for its solar battery storage manufacturing. However, the company also manufactures high-quality solar panels, electric vehicles, and rail transports. BYD solar manufacturers have good quality solar panels and are recorded to have a production capacity of 1.5 gigawatts in 2016. 

BYD is an evolving solar battery and solar panel manufacturer with a worldwide presence in several countries of the world, including Australia. BYD is a medium-sized solar panel manufacturer with headquarters in Shenzhen, China and has manufacturing plants in China and Brazil. In 2018, BYD solar was ranked as the top solar panel supplier in India. 

In 2002, BYD got listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and got listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011. The company entered the solar market in Australia in the year 2013 and has an Australian office located in Lane Cove, New South Wales. 

Why choose BYD Solar Panels?

When it comes to installing a specific solar panel manufacturer for the solar power systems in residential or commercial solar projects, there are quite a few factors to consider. These factors are efficiency, price, and warranty of the solar panels. 


The amount of energy a solar panel can generate is dependent on the efficiency of the solar panel. Solar panels that feature a higher percentage of efficiency generate more electricity compared to the panels with a lower percentage of efficiency. The BYD solar panels come with an efficiency rating that ranges between 16.61 per cent to 19.03 per cent. Although it is not the best efficiency rating in the Australian solar market, it is also not the lowest efficiency range either. 


BYD produces some of the most cost-efficient solar panels available in the Australian solar market. The cost of a 6kW solar power system featuring the BYD solar panels ranges between $4000 to $6000. Keep in mind that this cost includes the solar rebates and incentives offered by the Australian government. 


The majority of the leading solar panel manufacturers in Australia offer a product warranty of 10 years. BYD solar panels come with a product warranty of 10 to 12 years, like most solar panel manufacturers. The product warranty covers defects or issues that arise in the solar panels within the warranty period. 

The majority of solar panel manufacturers offer a performance warranty of 25 years. And the BYD solar panels come with a performance warranty of 25 years. The performance warranty of the solar panels ensures that the solar panels will work at a certain percentage of efficiency after the end of the warranty period of 25 years. 

This is because, every year after the year of installation, solar panels lose a certain percentage of their efficiency as efficiency degrades. BYD assures that after the performance warranty period of 25 years is over; their solar panels will still perform at 80.2 per cent of their initial efficiency. 

Should we install the BYD Solar Panels?

One thing each and every solar installer always says is that one type or manufacturer of solar panels is not perfect for all solar power systems and households. You will have to choose a solar panel brand, series, or manufacturer, depending on a few factors. These factors are the energy consumption of your home, available space on the roof, and your budget. For example, if your home has a heavy consumption of electricity, then the BYD solar panels may not be the right choice for your home. 

The reason why they might not be the perfect option for your home is that the efficiency of the BYD solar panels ranges from 16.61 per cent to 19.03 per cent. On the other hand, there are a few solar panel manufacturers available in the Australian solar market who have successfully achieved an efficiency rating of more than 23 per cent. If you have an ample amount of space on your roof and are looking for a good quality solar panel manufacturer at an affordable price, then the BYD solar panels are perfect for your home. 

The majority of Chinese solar panel manufacturers generally focus on the distribution of their solar panels in another country instead of customer service. These issues often cause the customers to suffer a lot when problems arise regarding the solar panels, and they have to contact the customer service team in China. However, BYD solar has an office located in Lone Cove, New South Wales, which means that Australian customers can easily contact BYD for solar panel related problems and warranty claims. 


From everything we have seen and heard about BYD solar, we can conclude that the solar panels by the manufacturer are trustworthy and reliable. If your home has a low consumption of power and ample amount of roof space, then the BYD solar panels will give you great value for your money. 

Solar installers all over the Australian solar market generally consider the BYD solar panels for houses that do not have much budget for a solar power system installation. BYD has a better bankable option and market presence compared to the majority of small to medium-sized solar panel brands in Australia.

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