Learn What Size Solar System Do I Need

what size solar system do I need

When somebody decides to buy a simple solar panel, certain questions arise in their mind, like how many solar panels are required for a single story or double story house? It is extra-large or small, what size solar system do I need.

However, whatever the question may be, the first thing you should consider while checking the size of the solar panel is your goal because many people buy solar panels to minimize their electricity bills. To get the answer of what size solar system do I need and other questions, you will have to do some calculations listed below:

Considerable Energy Requirements

To know how much your house requires solar energy, you must check your old bills and calculate them. Check out the area where you live how much solar power your roof will get in an hour, then multiply your every hour’s watt to the highest sunlight, that your location will get in a day. Then dispense that amount with the panel’s voltage you want to buy.

Pro-tip: The total area of your shelter and solar energy you get in a day are the major factors

If you are not up for these calculations, you can go to an experienced solar panel handler. He will tell you what size will be the best for your house, your savings per month, and all other things related to the panel.

The total area of your Roof Top

Perfect solar panel size is done by calculating the area of your house’s roof. A single-story house uses almost 200 kWh in a month (along with normal weather). A double story or a large house may require 2000 kWh or more in a month (in hot weather). Before buying a solar panel, you must calculate your solar energy consumption hours to fulfill your solar panel needs to save electricity bills.

Most people forget that the solar panel they are using in broad daylight use zero electricity bills. But when used at night, it will cause more electricity hence saving no money in the end.

Peaky Sunlight Hours

The main factor is your location and the sunlight your roof gets because it will go straight to the panels you are expected to produce. For example, if you live in any Southern area, you can easily expect high solar energy during the day. Still, if you live in any Northern area, you will have to worry about what size of solar system do I need.

So to reduce your problems, we have come up with a solution, and that is if you live in any cold area, you will need more panels for your house, and every panel contains almost 7,600 watts per panel. Or you can scan cities and make a chart for the total peaky sun hours that area gets, then select the perfect size for the panel.

Determine / Compute Size of Solar Panel that you need

As we have mentioned before in the article, to compute size, you will have to dispense the KWH to the panel to get the perfect number of panels that your house will require.

Kwh÷sun hours *1.15=number of solar panels

This formula is required to check the numbers and sizes of solar panels that your house will need.

  • Selecting a solar panel will be a difficult task for any roof. After calculating the size of the solar panels, you will also have to check the order in which your panels will be placed.

  • If your roof is used more often and is very large, it is recommended that you will have to buy more panels at a cheap rate.

  • And if a roof area is shaded and also used more often. You can use limited panels (but with very high proficiency) and also be good on pocket. And if the usage of your energy increases. You can make an addition to these panels so to provide you with more watts.

  • A medium-sized panel consumes about 410 sq. ft of your roof’s area, and if your size is kw, energy production is 480-600 kwh, so the number of panels that your roof’s space (220 sq. ft) will require is 13. Or your size is 12 kW energy; production is 1600-1800 kwh, so the number of panels that your rooftop (659 sq. ft) will require is 38.

Finally, we learn what size solar system do I need? We have estimated energy voltage, area, and several panels. Although a bit difficult to calculate, these are better; consult with a company’s experienced solar panel installer if you want to do these calculations.

However, they will give you better views about brands, taxes, and other important factors related to photovoltaic solar panels. And if you don’t want to use an installer, this article will help you get rough calculations of solar panels to light your homes.

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