What Makes Solar Power System Special?

What Makes Solar Power System Special?

When it comes to saving energy or switching to a renewable source of energy, we always see the name of solar power systems popping up. There are obviously a few reasons why the entire world prefers solar energy over every other renewable source of energy. But what makes solar power system special? 

It is our duty at Compare Solar Quotes to provide you with information, suggestions, and encouragement about solar power systems. Our entire team finds happiness in helping the Australian people with solutions and information about solar energy and its installations. Thus, in this guide, we will discuss the top reasons why solar energy and solar power systems are so popular all over the world. 

  • Solar Energy is Free

One of the biggest reasons why the world prefers solar energy is because it is completely free. The Sun has an abundant amount of sunshine available, and it is going to be available as long as the Sun is out there. Solar energy comes from the sunshine provided by the Sun. 

When we install a solar power system, the solar panels or solar photovoltaic modules absorb the energy from the sunshine and use it to generate solar electricity. In order to generate solar electricity, you need to install a solar power system. You have to pay for the cost of the solar power system. But once the system is installed, the electricity generation is completely free. 

This energy generation allows you to power your home with solar energy for free. All you have to do is pay for the installation of the solar power system. You will see an instant drop in the cost of electricity bills, and the solar power systems pay for themselves within 3 to 5 years of installation. The time it takes to pay for itself depends on the cost of the system. 

Once the system is completely paid off, you can enjoy free solar energy generation for the rest of the system’s lifetime. 

  • Long Lifespan and Warranty

Solar panels come with a long lifespan as the system is durable and do not have any moving components. Manufacturers know this and have confidence in their products; thus, they provide a long warranty for their solar components. 

A solar power system usually lasts for 25 years or more without undergoing any sort of major repair or maintenance. All you have to do is clean the solar panels every once in a while and check for any loose wiring or so. 

Solar panels and other components of the solar power system have two types of warranty: performance warranty and product warranty. The product warranty covers any faults or defects in the solar components. Manufacturers generally offer a product warranty of 10 to 15 years. 

The performance warranty of the solar components ensures that the solar components will perform at a certain percentage of efficiency after the end of the warranty period. Manufacturers generally offer a performance warranty of 25 years. Some manufacturers even offer a warranty longer than 25 years. 

  • No Pollution or Negative Impact on the Environment

In today’s world, we all know about climate change and its impact on the environment. Even if we do not know the details about it, we know at least the impact it has on the environment and in our lives. Climate change is affecting our regular lives as the world temperature is rising, more and more natural disasters are happening, and many animals are on the verge of becoming extinct. 

In order to generate electricity, we usually burn fossil fuels, coal, and other non-renewable sources of energy. This method of generating electricity releases a lot of heat into the environment and also emits carbon dioxide and other harmful gases into the surroundings. This heat and gas emission contributes to the dangerous aspects of climate change. 

On the other side, solar power systems generate electricity using the renewable source of energy, solar energy. Solar electricity generation does not emit any sort of harmful gases or carbon dioxide into the environment. Solar energy generation helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the home.

Usually, energy generation produces noise that contributes to air pollution. However, solar power systems do not produce any sort of noise while generating electricity. Thus, it does not contribute to noise pollution of any sort. 

In short, solar electricity generation does not contribute to any type of pollution in the environment. 

  • Solar Power Systems increase Property Value 

Another benefit that most homeowners like when it comes to solar power systems is that it increases the value of their property. Solar power systems are quite an expensive investment, but it is a long-lasting and reliable investment. 

A solar power system helps the homeowner to boost the value of their property. This allows the homeowners to get a better price if they ever want to sell their property in the future. Homes with solar power systems usually sell a lot faster and at a better price compared to homes that do not have a solar power system installed. 

So, if you want to save money now and have plans of selling your house sometime in the future, then you must consider installing a solar power system


Solar power systems are not only famous in Australia, but they are famous all over the world. The factors we have mentioned above are the top factors that make solar power systems so popular. 

Solar power systems are a durable, efficient, and profitable investment that each and every homeowner must make. We believe that our guide will help you to make the decision of whether you should install a solar power system or not. 

If you have taken the decision to install a solar power system in your home, then feel free to contact us for information and suggestions at Compare Solar Quotes.

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