Virtual Power Plant Offers Discounted Batteries to Victorians

Virtual Power Plant

What is the Virtual Power Plant?

Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a cloud-based network of connected energy generation and storage sources, such as solar photovoltaic energy and batteries. These assets are typically linked by a cloud-based software technology that monitors the performance and controls when energy is dispatched to the National Electricity Grid.

The power and capacity of a Virtual Power Plant can even match or exceed a traditional power station in Australia. Examples of Virtual power plants exist in Australia, Europe, and the United States of America. Businesses are continuously working and looking for ways to make the solar power system more beneficial for the customers, the community, and the planet. VPP Australia is a step forward to a more sustainable energy source for communities.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)?

A Virtual Power Plant, like the one in Australia, will help customers to optimise how they use their assets such as solar PV and batteries. A Virtual Power Plant in Australia can help customers to save money and also reduce the pressure placed on the network of electricity. 

A Virtual Power Plant can also help to decrease the emission of carbon dioxide by using more of the renewable energy that solar power systems can generate at different times of the day such as, at night when the sun does not provide sunlight. A virtual power station stabilises the grid and prevents blackouts or brownouts. 

An entire traditional power plant can be brought offline if one of the critical components suffer from a fault, but a virtual power station does not suffer from any such weakness. Even though a flaw affects one of the electricity generation systems connected to a virtual power station, there will be a minimal amount of loss in the total electricity generation capacity. 

We tend to visualise extensive facilities that produce a power output on the scale of megawatts when we think about power plants. This generated power is then delivered to residential and commercial customers using high voltage transmission lines, transformers, and distribution lines. However, this century-old concept is now being challenged with a new concept, the adoption of distributed energy sources like solar PV arrays and intelligent solar batteries. This new concept is known as a virtual power plant. Due to a virtual power plant, it is now possible to link multiple small systems using software technologies and operate them in coordination like a power station.

Traditional power plants usually use a single power generation technology. Some examples of conventional power generation technology are hydraulic turbines, photovoltaic panels, and steam turbines. Combined cycle power plants use both gas and steam turbines, but both of these power plants have the same heat source, which is gas combustion. At the same time, a virtual power plant can be configured with any mix of renewable energy resources by combining the strengths and neutralising the weaknesses of these energy sources. 

Victorians are receiving a massive discount on solar batteries by joining the virtual power plant. 

By joining the Virtual Power Plant (VPP), customers will receive:

  • A 6.5 kWh LG solar battery at a 45% discount with a warranty of 10 years for only $5,895. The actual price of this solar battery is $10,795. 
  • A guaranteed $1200 back in credit over a period of 5 years. Customers will receive a credit of $20 including GST on electricity bills every month for five years. Customers will get more money back in credit from VPP Australia than the money that you spend to buy the solar battery. 
  • An interest-free payment option for 24 or 60 months and will receive equal monthly repayments. 
  • Everything will be fully installed in the household, including a compatible inverter. 
  • Increased self-sufficiency as you will be storing the solar power your solar power system will generate. 

Since Virtual Power Plants depend on the energy systems that are located at the households of the clients, there are various opportunities available for attractive business schemes and financing models. 

A key benefit of electricity generation in a household is spending less money on electricity bills. These energy systems are also beneficial to the utility companies if they can aggregate and control the electricity capacity using a smart platform. 

The investment can be split as both parties benefit from this electricity generation. For instance, utility companies can offer a discount to customers who are looking forward to installing an electricity generation and storage system of their own in exchange for receiving some control over these electricity generation systems. Distributed energy resources have the ability to perform various functions of traditional power plants if they are connected to a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). 

The concept of Virtual Power Plants in Australia is being tested for a few years now. Some electricity retailers and providers are currently offering Virtual Power Plants to customers. It is essential to know that the type of battery you install will influence which VPP is right for you. 

To join a Virtual Power Station, a few VPP providers may need to install a device for energy management, and the others may require software that will work with a specific brand and model of a battery system. 

If you are interested in joining a Virtual Power Plant, discuss your options with your solar battery provider or directly contact a VPP provider in Australia. 

Make sure you ask these questions to your VPP provider:

  • How many times will you access my battery in a year?
  • What will be the impact of VPP on my electricity bills?
  • How will I know that VPP is benefitting me?
  • What financial benefits will I have if I join a VPP?

The Australian government and electricity providers are continuously working to make solar power better for the customers, the country, and the planet. Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Australia is a huge step towards more sustainable energy for the country. For more, please visit us at

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