Advantages of Solar Energy

The sun is undoubtedly a highly powerful source of energy, and we can only collect a negligible fraction of this energy. However, we can harness this solar energy into electricity with the help of solar panels. When we install solar panels in our home, the panels absorb energy from the sun and generate electricity that powers our household but the advantages of solar energy do not end there. 

The installation of solar panels and the worldwide use of solar energy can make a significant positive difference to the planet and to our lives. Solar energy has been widely criticised all across the world for being expensive and inefficient, but now the tables have turned. Solar power has proven to the world that not only is it beneficial for the environment, but it is also beneficial for the private economy. 

Compare Solar Quotes continuously works in encouraging people to switch to solar and take advantage of divine solar energy for both economic and environmental reasons. Thus, today, we will take about the top five advantages of solar energy. 

What Are the Top 5 Advantages of Solar Energy?

The top five advantages of solar energy are:

1. Save Money on Your Electricity Bills:

Home solar panels and solar battery storages are an easy way of getting rid of the utility companies and their upsettingly high electricity bills. Solar power helps homeowners to avoid the peak rates of electricity and provides effective backup power when the mains electricity grid drops down. 

In the last decade, electricity rates all across Australia have risen by a significant percentage, and this trend will go on. Solar energy generated by solar panels ensures that you have to pay way less than the amount you are paying now for electricity. 

Solar battery storages also help you to cut down the cost of energy bills. Electricity rates increase when the demand for energy is high and decreases during the time of low demand. Installation of solar panels and batteries makes sure that you get freedom from the peak demand electricity rates and optimise your energy savings even further. 

2. Clean and Renewable Source of Energy:

Solar energy is a clean, renewable, and emission-free source of energy. Energy generation from non-renewable sources like fossil fuel and natural gas produces pollution and harmful greenhouse gases. On the other hand, energy generated by the solar panels produce zero pollution and do not emit any harmful greenhouse gas. 

3. Increases Property Value:

Installing a solar power system significantly boosts the value of your property. Why? Energy generated by solar panels benefits homeowners in a lot of ways. Thus, installing solar panels increases the property value. Households that have solar power systems installed are more valuable than the households that depend on electricity from the mains grid. 

Installed solar power systems allow freedom from the high energy prices and are a great asset because of the high upfront cost of solar panels. Homes with solar panels get a higher selling price than homes without solar panels.

4. Low Cost of Maintenance:

One of the best advantages of installing solar panels is the low cost of maintenance. Solar panels do not need a lot of maintenance. Thus, the maintenance cost is negligible. Solar panels just require an occasional cleaning at least once a year to ensure that they are performing at their peak capacity. 

All you need is some soapy water and a solar panel cleaning brush to clean the panels. Solar panels also require annual maintenance to make sure that there is no loose wiring or mounting system defect that can decrease the efficiency of the panels. 

5. Diverse Applications:

A huge benefit of solar power systems is that you can use them anywhere. The use of solar energy is not just restricted to residential solar projects. You can also install solar panels for commercial use. There are many regions and areas where electricity is still unreachable, and solar energy is the perfect solution for these areas. Solar energy can distil water in areas that have supply storage of clean water and can also power the space satellites. 

Everything in this world has both advantages and disadvantages and so do solar panels. The disadvantages of solar energy are: 

  • Cost:

Although the sun provides its energy to the world for free, solar panels are quite expensive. Many homeowners back away from the installation of solar energy only because of the upfront payment of solar panels. Even though the Australian government has introduced solar rebates and incentives to encourage Australian residents to switch to solar, it is still a costly investment. 

  • Dependency on the Weather:

We are aware that solar panels generate electricity by using the energy from the sun. Without the sun, solar panels do not have the ability to generate solar panels. Thus, solar panels often cannot generate a sufficient amount of energy required to meet the energy demands during rainy days and chilly weather. Weather plays a major role when it comes to energy generation by solar panels. 

  • Requires Space:

The number of solar panels your house needs depends on the energy requirement of your home. A larger number of solar panels means that it will require more space. In some cases, solar panels require a lot of space, and the households do not have adequate enough space to fit all the solar panels. 

An alternative to this issue is to install a few solar panels in your yard, but they must have proper access to sunlight. However, if you do not have enough space for the solar panels, you can easily opt for the higher efficiency panels. But in this case, the cost of solar panels will increase. 

We have taken a look at both the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. And it is safe to say that the advantages of solar energy significantly outweigh the disadvantages of solar energy. The use of solar energy ensures that you can save money as well as the planet at the same time. 

Fun Fact:

Did you know that the amount of energy the sun provides to the world in an hour can generate enough electricity to meet the energy requirements of the entire world for a whole year?

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