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Solar Battery System

Residential solar battery systems cover a significant part of the solar market in Australia and are available for many years now. There are several brands, sizes, and varieties of solar battery systems available, making it hard for homeowners to choose the top solar battery in Australia. Modern lithium-ion batteries quickly replaced the traditional lead-acid batteries in the market due to the significant improvements in lithium-ion technology. 

We are always ready to provide its customers with the best solar power system advice possible. Thus, the team of Compare Solar Quotes will discuss about the finest solar batteries available in Australian solar market. 

Solar battery manufacturers started developing smart and innovative battery systems in order to suit solar power systems. Although the wide variety is helpful to homeowners, it also makes it hard for them to choose the one that is deemed best. 

Best solar battery brands?

Unfortunately, when it comes to solar power systems and solar batteries, the concept of “one size fits all” does not work. Incorrect sizing of a solar storage system can degrade the performance of a solar power system. This performance degradation mainly occurs for two reasons:

  • Undersized Solar Batteries:

Undersized solar storage systems do not have the required capacity to meet the energy demand of the household. 

  • Oversized Solar Batteries:

Oversized solar storage systems end up having more storage capacity than the amount of energy generated by the solar panels. 

To prevent the performance of your solar power system from degrading, there are certain factors that need to be considered while choosing the leading solar storage. These factors include:

  • Size of the solar panels
  • Whether the solar power system is on-grid or off-grid
  • Average daily consumption of electricity in kWh. 

Compare Solar Quotes have brought you the top three solar battery systems currently available in the Australian solar market in 2021. These are:

The Sungrow SBP4K8 is one of the most underrated solar battery systems in the Australian market. The reason behind this is that the battery is a re-packaged version of the Samsung SDI battery. The Sungrow SBP4K8 is a DC battery system with a continuous energy output of 2.5kW. 

The Sungrow SBP4K8 comes at a size of 4.8kWh with a usable capacity of 95 per cent. The size of the Sungrow battery can be expanded up to 14.4kWh. Manufacturers offer a product warranty of 10 years with this battery. It is one of the most affordable solar battery systems, available for only $4,000. 

It is impossible to imagine a list of the best solar power systems and components without LG on it. The RESU 10 by the South Korean manufacturer is one of the best solar battery systems in Australia. The LG Chem RESU 10 solar battery comes at a size of 9.8kWh, which is expandable up to 19.6kWh. It offers a usable capacity of 90 per cent and a continuous power output of 5kW. 

The RESU 10 comes with a product warranty of 10 years. The solar battery by LG Chem is available at only $6,400 and is compatible with the majority of solar power systems available in Australia. 

Elon Musk’s Tesla Powerwall gained immense popularity as the solar battery that started the revolution of residential energy storage systems. The Tesla Powerwall 2, valued at $10,500, is more costly than the majority of the solar battery systems available in the Australian solar market. 

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is available at a size of 13.5kWh with a usable capacity of 90 per cent. It offers a continuous energy output of 5kW and comes with a product warranty of 10 years.

What makes the Tesla Powerwall 2 different from the rest of the solar batteries is that it is an AC solar battery system. It has an integrated charger incorporated in it and can be installed in any home with an existing solar installation. The Tesla Powerwall is compatible with every solar inverter available in the market.

Is Solar Battery Storage worth it in Australia?

Yes, solar battery systems are definitely worth it in Australia. Australia encounters some of the most extreme weather conditions in the world. These extreme weather conditions include long and bright hours of scorching heat. Solar panels often generate more electricity than the required daily consumption in a household. 

The excess generated electricity is sold to the mains electricity grid as a feed-in tariff for a small amount of money. But if we store this excess energy in solar battery storage and use it during night-time or when the solar panels do not generate sufficient electricity, we can save more money on energy bills. 

You can also go off-grid by using solar battery storage. Going off-grid means you will be completely dependent on the energy generated by the solar power system of your house. This will help you to save the entire cost of your energy bills and will also help the environment with climate change. 

Australia is on its mission towards net-zero emissions. The country wants to completely switch to renewable energy sources and bring the use of non-renewable sources to generate zero electricity. This will not only help Australia economically but will also help the planet from the harsh consequences of climate change. 


In order to achieve the goal of reaching net-zero emissions, Australian households must install solar batteries and become independent from energy imported through the mains grid. Solar storage undoubtedly is the future of solar power systems. There are solar rebates and incentives provided by the Australian government to encourage people in installing solar power systems and batteries. 

The three solar battery systems mentioned above are some of the supreme solar storage systems in Australia. Choose and install a solar battery that suits your home best in terms of energy consumption, solar panel size, etc.

However, the solar rebates and incentives are gradually decreasing and will end by 2030. So, if you want to take advantage of the solar rebates and incentives to the fullest, install a solar battery system today!

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