Steps of Switching to Solar Power

Australia and several other countries around the globe are encouraging the installation of solar power systems. As of today’s date, solar power systems are the most affordable way of generating electricity to power your home and business. As days pass by, the demand of people in order to switch to solar will increase. Solar power is a great way of getting rid of high costs of energy bills and the pollution caused by electricity generation. With each passing year, more and more homeowners and business owners are deciding to switch to solar in order to save money and help the environment. Installation of a solar power system is also a great way of improving the value of both residential and commercial properties. Even with the high upfront costs, solar power is worth it due to so many reasons. 

The long durability along with the low maintenance requirement makes it easier for people to switch to solar. While switching to solar power in the Australian solar market is an easy task, there are quite a few steps that you have to follow. In this guide, the steps that you will have to follow in order to switch to solar has been discussed. 

Steps of Switching to Solar Power

Get a Solar Quote

When it comes to switching to solar power, the first step is to get a solar quote. Each and every solar power installation is different depending on several factors such as energy requirement, location, budget, and so on. In order to get a solar quote, you will have to contact a solar installer. In the Australian solar market, you will find hundreds of solar installers. When it comes to getting a solar quote, solar experts recommend home owners and business owners to consult at least three solar installers and get a solar quote from each one of them. The reason behind this is that a solar power system is a significant investment and not every installer can quote a system properly. 

Evaluate the Solar Quotes

Once the solar installers have provided you with their solar quotes, it is now time to compare those quotes. We have seen several homeowners in the Australian solar market who have compared their quotes in terms of cost only and go for the least expensive one. However, this decision turns out to be a big mistake in the majority of cases. Since solar power system installation is a significant decision, it is essential to compare the quotes fairly in terms of quality, brand reputation, warranty, cost, and many more. 

Once you have successfully compared all the quotes and reached a decision about which one you want to pick, the solar installer will visit your property for evaluation. This means that they will inspect the design and condition of your roof, analyse the state of shading on the roof and check the electrical system. The installers will then create a design suitable for your home based on these evaluations. 

Design and Permissions

The next step is that the solar installer will make a solar power system design for your home according to the information they have gathered. This design will include every single detail such as the number of panels, installation system, grid connectivity, and so on. It will also include the amount of average energy the solar panels will generate in a day. 

Once the design is ready, the solar installer will submit it to the local authorities for permission. Since it is a long-term investment and falls under the building rules and regulations, it is essential to receive the approval of the authorities. This step can take some time due to the processing speed. However, if the solar installer is renowned then chances are the process will be sped up. 


Once the solar installer receives the permission to install the solar power system for your household, the next step is to install the system. Installing the solar power system means that you can take advantage of the benefits offered by solar power. You will notice a decrease in the cost of electricity bills starting from the first month. 

However, you will have to make sure that you or any adult member of your family is present during the entire installation process. This is because the installers and labourers will access your yard and rooftop. The time taken to complete the solar power system installation typically depends on the size and the complexity of the design and your roof. Usually, it takes one to three days to complete a solar power system installation. 

Inspection and Installer Payment

Once you have completed the installation process, it is essential for you to follow one last step before you start enjoying your free electricity. The local authorities will conduct an inspection on the solar power system to make sure that it is properly installed and is according to the design. The solar installers will have to reinstall the system if it is not according to the plan. After the inspection is successfully done, you will have to pay the installer’s payment. If you receive solar rebates and solar incentives, then the final payment will be adjusted accordingly. After paying for the solar power system installation, you can peacefully enjoy your supply of solar electricity.

Final Words

With each passing day, the cost of electricity and the negative effects of climate change are increasing rapidly. Therefore, the need for solar power systems is increasing and more and more people are switching to solar in order to power their homes and businesses. As we discussed above, there are quite a few steps that you need to follow to install a solar power system. But if you choose a good solar installer for your solar power system installation, then the entire installation process will be much easier and be completed without any hassle.

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