Solar Powered Water Fountains: What Do You Know?

Solar Powered Water Fountain

The front yards, backyards, and outdoor gardens of your home are all important spaces that adorn your home. These parts of your home enhance your personality and the lifestyle you live. That is why people constantly look for new ways to increase the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their outdoor gardens. It is the duty of Compare Solar Quotes to provide the people of Australia with the best solar solutions and advice. Thus, in this guide, we will discuss solar powered fountains in Australia. Solar powered water fountains are one of the best ways of bringing your sleepy backyard, front yard, or outdoor garden back to life. A solar powered fountain can also bring a completely new and attractive look to the ponds, pool, birdbaths, and so on in your outdoor garden. Give your backyards or outdoor gardens a complete makeover by installing a solar water fountain. 

Are solar powered water fountains any good? 

A common question we get is whether installing a solar powered water fountain is a good idea or not. Solar water fountains are an extremely great idea if you want to make the overall appearance of your garden more appealing. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages to installing a solar water fountain. 


1. Solar powered water fountains save money:

One of the best things about installing a solar water fountain is that you do not have to pay any extra costs. As we already know, solar powered water fountain uses the energy generated from the sun to function. Energy from the sun is free, so all you need to pay for is the solar powered water fountain. 

Electric water fountains use electricity imported from the mains grid, which in turn causes the electricity bills to skyrocket. Electric water fountains also come with various wires and cables that ruin the ambient and proper look of your garden. The electric wires spread all over the yard or garden are risky as well. 

2. You can set up a solar water fountain anywhere you want:

Solar energy drives a solar water fountain; thus, you can set up your solar water fountain wherever the fountain receives adequate sunshine. The solar water fountain comes with a panel containing photovoltaic cells to power the fountain. You can mount the solar water fountain panel on a wall or on the roof. 

3. Solar water fountains are environmentally friendly:

Solar powered water fountains are eco-friendly and do not produce carbon dioxide or any harmful greenhouse gases. You do not have to worry about spending money on maintenance bills other than regular cleaning. 


  1. Solar water fountains require adequate sunlight:

If the solar water fountain does not get enough sunlight, it will not be able to function properly. There are several solar water fountains that come with battery backup, but even the batteries will dry out without proper sunlight. 

Types of Solar Powered Water Fountains:

There are two primary types of solar water fountains, and these are:

  • Floating Solar Water Fountains:

Floating solar powered water fountains are small, circular shaped fountains and float beneath the surface of the water. These fountains come with a spray nozzle, a small water pump, and of course, a solar panel. The spray nozzle comes with a wide range of interchangeable nozzle shapes, so you can easily customise the shape of the water coming out of the fountain. 

  • Stationary Solar Water Fountains:

Stationary solar powered water fountains are a bit tricky compared to floating solar water fountains. The water pumps that come with stationary fountains remain submerged under the water completely. The solar panel connects to the water pump and powers it. The pump intakes water and sprays it upwards with the help of the water column and spray nozzle. 

Solar Water Fountain Maintenance:

Proper maintenance of your solar powered water fountain is essential for its longevity. But the best part is, maintaining a solar water fountain is very easy. 

For the floating solar water fountains, it is crucial to make sure that the surface of the water is clear of debris, dirt, and so on. It is better to change the water every once in a while. If you situate your solar water fountain in a pool, all you need to do is the normal cleaning and maintenance of the pool. This will keep your floating solar water fountain in the best condition. 

In order to maintain the stationary solar water fountains, you will have to remove the fountain from the water every once in a while and clean it. Cleaning the fountain is easy, and you do have to spend much time on it. Usually, stationary solar powered fountains come with a guide to provide all the necessary information about cleaning. 

Will solar floating water fountain work at night?

Technically yes, floating solar water fountains do work at night. But for the fountain to work at night, you will have to connect a battery backup with the fountain. Solar panels will generate electricity during the day to power the fountain, and the battery will store some of that energy. Energy stored inside the battery allows the fountain to work at night. 

Do solar fountains work in winter?

Solar water fountains do work in winter unless and until the water is not below the freezing point. However, the energy production of the solar panels reduces during the winter, so there might not be sufficient solar energy for the fountain to function. Freezing weather and snow can cause damage to the solar panels. Not only that, but the cold can also cause the fountain bowls to crack. In the winters, it is best to move the fountains indoors or store them in a warm place. 

Final Words:

Solar water fountains are undoubtedly one of the best additions you can make to your garden. These fountains highly improve the look of your garden, and the best part is the solar water fountains are not that costly. Install a solar powered fountain today and bring your garden back to life.

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