Solar Panel Trickle Charger 12v Batteries

solar panel trickle charger 12v batteries

We understand the need of solar panel trickle charger 12v batteries due to various different reasons. It is firstly needed because the battery itself discharges with time; a solar panel battery charger will maintain battery life.

Secondly, there is a constant battery drain in any electric device or vehicle as electricity is consumed from a battery. Lastly to maintain battery life it needs to remain charged otherwise it will get shorten.

An example can be taken from a 12V battery, if the battery is not given about 12.4V sulphation will occur which tends the battery to die.

Advantages of solar panel trickle charger

There are various advantages of solar panel trickle charger 12v batteries as it is charged by solar power and its efficiency is predicted well because of crystalline solar panel.

It is easy to connect and disconnect to the battery as well as it is maintenance free. The solar panel can be mounted on dashboards or windshield with the help of matched suction cups.

For easier use and understanding a few solar panel trickle chargers have a charge indicator. The blue light indicates that it is receiving sunlight, the red light shows the battery is charging and the green light is on once the charging is completed.

Solar panel trickle charger 12V batteries is low-cost maintenance as well as environmentally friendly.

We also highlight the built-in charging microprocessor technology which is one of the greatest advantages to have a solar trickle charger, if the battery is fully charged in the day, it will not over charger it but will save battery from reverse discharge during the night.

It consists of CPB bottom plate so that the efficiency is not in risk if there is a breakage.

Guide to use solar panel trickle charger

Now to use it we must make sure that the panel is facing the sunlight, some vehicles have tinted windows but that will affect the battery performance and the solar panel charger must be cleaned once a month so that the efficiency is not affected.

We also have to make sure that the solar panel trickle chargers are waterproof as well as splash proof however this does not mean that it should be submerged in water.

It can withstand splash or light rain but cannot be left outside during rainfall. These are light in weight, portable and versatile. The solar panel usually comes with a package with extension cord, cigarette lighter plug, alligator clip, O ring terminal suction cups and carabineers clips.

What size solar panel do I need to trickle charge a 12V battery?

It is assumed that solar panels of 5V and 10V are best for tickle charging 12V batteries. This size is preferable for maintain 12V battery charge. It will be completely charged in a span of weeks to months this is proportional to the weather and size of the battery.

Can I leave the solar trickle charger on all the time?

Yes, you can leave the solar trickle charger all the time it will not harm it. It is fine for battery charging and it does not need any overcharging protection. However, it is still better to use it with an overcharging protection.

Can a solar panel charge a 12V battery?

Yes! A solar panel will definitely charge a 12V battery. A 5-watt solar panel might be sufficient for some users however you can also increase it to 10 watts because if the wattage is more, it will be a good impact to efficiency.

How many solar panels are needed to charge a 12V battery?

It will take 5 hours for a 100-amp hour battery to charge at 12 volts and 20 amps. It is recommended to use a 300-watt solar panels as a panel as big as 240 watts is required if you multiply 12 volts by 20 amp.

The article mentions description, advantages, the use and guide for solar panel trickle charger 12V. It is introduced and develop with the aim to maintain battery life in all-electric vehicles.

It is for the major advantage is that not only is it environmentally friendly but also it is not a burden to your pocket. It further highlights the ways it has to be used and the precautions. Also, it is waterproof but putting it outside in a rainy day will definitely harm it.

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