Solar Panel Maintenance: A Mandatory Checklist

Solar Panel Maintenance

Over the past years, one of the advantages of solar panel installation that has been highlighted and featured a lot is that solar panels do not require much maintenance. This is mainly due to the fact that solar panels do not usually come with any sort of moving parts. Even though solar panels do not need much maintenance, you will still have to follow a few rules in order to make them continue working efficiently. 

There are quite a few factors to take care of when it comes to taking care of the solar panels installed on our roof. And along with these factors, there are several do’s and don’ts that you have to keep in mind. In this guide, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts when it comes to solar panel maintenance. 

Do’s of Solar Panel Maintenance:

  • Keep the Solar Panels Clean

We have all heard words about how solar panels do not require any sort of cleaning as rain usually removes all the dirt and so on. While that is somewhat true, this does not entirely eliminate the need for manual cleaning of the solar panels. 

Solar panels typically get dirty over time due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, dry leaves, bird droppings, and many more. Not only do these reduce the beauty of the solar panels and make the roof lose its beauty, but it also reduces the efficiency of the solar panels. This means that it reduces the amount of solar electricity that the solar panels generate. In order to prevent the solar panels from losing their efficiency due to dirt, you have to keep the solar panels clean by yourself. 

  • Ask for Professional Maintenance

When it comes to solar panel maintenance, there are a few things that we should leave to the professionals. This includes the inspection of wires, replacement of solar inverters, repairing loose wiring, and many more advanced maintenance. These inspections and advanced checking by the solar panel maintenance professionals must be done at least once or twice a year. 

You can also get the solar panels cleaned professionally if you want or if you do not want to risk the chance of injury by falling down while cleaning the solar panels. 

  • Monitor the Energy Generation of Your Solar Panels

In order to make sure that the solar panels are generating the amount of electricity that they are supposed to, it is essential to keep an eye on the energy generation of the solar panels. It will help you to know if there is any sudden drop in the amount of solar electricity produced. 

This will also help you to notice the amount of energy the solar power system stores into the solar battery storage or export to the mains electricity grid. Contact a professional in case you notice any irregularity in the energy generation. 

Don’ts of Solar Panel Maintenance:

  • Do Not allow shading on the Solar Panels

One of the major factors that decrease the performance of the solar panels by a significant percentage is shading. We typically have trees, shrubs, and so on near our roof that provide shade to our roofs. Even though this shading is considered good and helps to keep the house cool, it is not good for our solar panels. 

The leaves from the roof can make the solar panels dirty, and the shading often blocks out the amount of sunlight that the solar panel requires to generate electricity up to its peak capacity. 

In order to avoid these problems, make sure to install the solar panels at such a place where there is little to no shading. Even though it feels wrong and is bad for the environment, you can also trim the trees and shrubs in case you do not have any other alternative. 

Solar panel shading also occurs due to the nearby buildings, and in order to avoid that, you can tilt the solar panels at a certain angle and install them there. 

  • Do Not rub the Solar Panels abrasively

When it comes to cleaning the solar panels installed on the roof, a lot of homeowners make the mistake of cleaning the solar panels by rubbing them aggressively with an abrasive sponge or brush. This will not only damage the outer layer of the solar panels and reduce their durability, but it will also reduce the efficiency of the solar panels. 

The proper way of cleaning solar panels is to use mild soap and regular tap water. If you want to remove the stubborn stains, such as bird droppings and so on, then you can use a soft, non-abrasive sponge and rub the solar panels gently and clean them with water. Make sure that you do not use any sort of power washer on the solar panels. 

  • Do Not step on the Solar Panels

We have noticed a few cases where the homeowners stood or stepped on the solar panels while cleaning them. Although solar panels are durable and have the ability to withstand rain, snow, storms, and other weather and climate conditions, they are not strong enough to withstand the weight of a person. 

Stepping on the solar panels can crack the outer layer that is typically made of glass and can also cause damage to the solar cells that generate the solar electricity. We recommend homeowners not to get on the roof to clean the solar panels and clean them from a ladder or use a soft sprayer hose. 


Solar panel maintenance is important, and it is essential to make sure that you take care of the maintenance and cleaning process properly. The do’s and don’ts of solar panel maintenance mentioned in the guide above will help you with a proper guideline on how to clean the solar panels effectively. Solar panels are a long-term investment, and we will have to ensure that these panels are well-maintained in order to generate solar electricity efficiently.

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