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It seems like electricity bills have decided that they are just going to keep rising and never drop down. The rising electricity bill has successfully raised the stress level and blood pressure of many Australians. Solar power systems entered the world as a blessing against these high electricity bills. Now, solar battery systems are making life easier by allowing homeowners to save more money on energy bills.

We get asked a lot of questions about solar power systems. A common question we get asked is whether solar batteries are worth the investment or not? In this article, our expert solar team at Compare Solar Quotes will discuss solar battery systems. 

We all know that solar panels generate electricity by absorbing energy from the sun. The efficiency of the panels and the household electricity consumption determine the size of the solar power system required. However, solar panels often generate more electricity than the household electricity requirement. 

There are two ways of dealing with this excess energy. One, the excess solar energy is sent back to the mains electricity grid as “feed-in tariffs”. Homeowners earn a small amount of money for returning electricity to the mains grid. The second way is to store this excess energy in a solar storage system. 

The household can easily use this excess energy stored in the solar storage systems during the night, on chilly days, or during blackouts. With the absence of solar storage systems, households generally import electricity from the mains grid at night or when there is not enough generated solar energy. This importation of energy significantly contributes to the energy bills as it costs money to import electricity. The use of solar storage systems decreases this importation from the mains grid and thus, saves money. 

How much does a solar battery system cost?

A solar battery system installation can cost anywhere between $200 to $15,000, depending on the chemistry of the battery. The majority of residential solar power systems use lithium-ion batteries, and the installation costs around $7,000 to $14,000. The batteries that cost less than this cost range cannot provide much power to your home and are pretty much useless for backup. 

There are certain factors that affect the cost of installing a solar battery system. These are: 

  • Brand of the solar battery system
  • Size of the solar battery system
  • Chemistry of the battery
  • Installation costs 
  • Solar rebates and incentives

Solar battery systems are a costly investment, but in the last few years, the price of solar batteries have reduced tremendously. The price of solar battery systems drops down even further when the solar rebates and incentives by the Australian government are included. 

How much does a 10kW solar battery cost?

As we have mentioned above, the cost of installing a solar storage system depends on a number of factors. The average cost of installing a 10kW solar battery is around $7,500 to $12,000, depending on the model, brand, and quality of the battery. 

This price range may seem a lot, but a 10kW solar battery system helps you to save a lot of money on energy bills. A 10kW solar storage will allow your home to go off the grid. Going off the grid means your home will only be powered by solar energy, even at night-time. The energy stored in the solar storage system will power the home throughout the night.

Is it worth getting batteries for solar?

Homeowners often wonder whether investing in a solar battery system is worth the money or not, and the answer is yes. Investing in a solar battery system or a solar power system can never go wrong in any way. Switching to renewable energy sources will benefit you both financially and environmentally. 

Solar batteries are the future of solar power systems. Many homeowners think that earning money from ‘feed-in tariffs’ is more beneficial than investing in a solar battery. Let us tell you, investing in a solar battery is far more beneficial. The amount of money you earn through ‘feed-in tariffs’ per kW of energy is very less compared to the amount of money you pay to export per kW of energy from the grid. 

A solar storage is no doubt an expensive investment, but it is worth every penny. The excess generated electricity is stored in the solar battery and used at a time when the solar panels cannot produce enough electricity. Not only, this reduces the cost of electricity bills for your home, but it also decreases our dependency on non-renewable energy sources. 

The price of solar batteries is decreasing with each passing year and has dropped a significant amount in the past few years. The solar rebates and incentives offered by the Australian government make investing in solar batteries even easier. There is no sensible reason why someone would oppose the idea of investing in a solar storage system. 

Another advantage of installing a solar battery system is the backup power. There are times when the mains grid blacks out due to technical difficulties or extreme weather conditions. And there is no way of powering home in the time of a blackout unless you have a solar battery installed. A solar battery system provides backup and power to your home even during a blackout. 


A solar power system and a solar storage system make a great pair. Investing in a solar storage system is the best way of getting the best value out of your solar panels. Solar batteries will not only increase your energy independence but will also increase the amount of money you save on energy bills. 

It seems pretty clear that the cost of electricity bills is not coming down any time soon. So, it is better to install a solar power system and solar battery to prevent your wallet from emptying due to energy bills. Keep your wallet intact and help the environment by switching to solar today.

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