Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer

It’s always a good idea to be an informed consumer. When it comes to installing solar panels, understanding how solar power works and how the installation process takes place is important. It helps to know the right questions to ask when an installer comes to your home to provide a quote.

Before your appointment with an installer, you should be aware of how much electricity you use on an average monthly basis (based on your utility bills). You should also know how much you pay for that electricity. 

Your installer should be able to help you analyse your bill, not only so they can properly size your system, but also so you can better understand how your energy usage behavior impacts your bills. Having your bills available is important for an accurate solar design.

Your goal is to find a reputable solar installation company that knows your community and will be able to provide timely, high-quality service you can trust. In addition to providing copies of their credibilities and insurance, the installer should be able to answer any questions about solar power as well as about their services.

Compare Solar Quotes works with a local network of trusted installers. We help you to get 3 quotations from these accredited installers. When signing a contract with your installer, you need to be informed and we believe comparing and consulting with multiple experts is a great way prior to deciding to shift towards solar energy. You can ask below mentioned questions to help determine if the installer is the right one for you: 

  • Is the installer accredited? 
  • What are their accreditation numbers? Ask to see their accreditation photo ID card 
  • Will your system be designed and installed by an accredited individual? 
  • Check the list of accredited installers on the Clean Energy Council website to confirm 
  • Contact the installer’s former customers to find out if they were knowledgeable, easy to work with, and took the time to explain the systems operation. Also find out if their systems are working well, if there have been any problems, and, if so, if they returned to fix them. Ask for the installer business references, and check them, especially if the company’s reputation is unknown.  
  • How many systems has the installer completed?
  • When was the last time the installer completed a system? New products are constantly entering the market. An installer who has completed several recent installations will probably be up-to-date on the newest products and the latest regulatory issues.
  • Do the modules and inverters installer uses meet the Australian Standards? Check the lists on the Clean Energy Council website to confirm –
  • What kinds of warranties come with the products?
  • Which warranties are installer’s responsibility and which are the manufacturer’s? 
  • How long have the equipment manufacturers been in the PV industry? Long warranties are meaningless if the manufacturers aren’t around in five years.
  • If you have to deal with the panel or inverter manufacturer in the future, do they have an Australian office?  
  • What performance guarantees do you get for the system as a whole? 
  • How will you know if your system is performing to its maximum potential on a day to day basis? 
  • Does the installer provide some kind of optional service agreement?  
  • If problems arise with your system, what services will the installer provide and for how long? 
  • Will the installer be readily available to troubleshoot and fix problems?  
  • If something goes wrong, who is responsible for repair or replacement costs?  
  • Who is responsible for maintaining the system?  
  • Will basic system safety issues be explained?  
  • Does the installer handle organising all the necessary metering changes? 
  • Does the installer organise all the paperwork for your local electricity supplier to move you to a premium feed-in tariff? 
  • Does the designer/installer handle all the REC paperwork for you? 
  • Does the price quoted include all the necessary metering changes and paperwork for my local electricity supplier and all labour, transportation and inspection charges?
  •  What are the payment terms? Is there a deposit? When is it required? Is it refundable?
  • What is the lead time from your payment to getting electricity from your solar PV system?  

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