JinkoSolar Announces 415W Tiger Pro Solar Panel for Residential Purpose!

In March 2021, JinkoSolar, one of the top and most creative solar panel manufacturers in the
world, announced that they are launching their new series of super-efficient Tiger Pro Solar
with a much higher capacity suitable for residential purposes.
The new solar panel is based on the Tiger Pro 182mm, 54 cell design which has a superb
efficiency of 21.3% and delivers a maximum of 415W power.
The new Tiger Pro solar panel is suitable for a wide range of distributed energy resources (DER),
and this panel is a re-design with respect to weight and size. These two features are re-designed
to fit the arm-length and height of the installers, which makes it easier for them to install the
panels on rooftops.

The approximate length and width of the new Tiger Pro solar panel are 1.7 metres and 1.1
metres, which makes it an easier fit to meet the demands of the market in terms of handling,
installation, and transportation in comparison with traditional solar panels.
High-quality solar panels are always complemented with a reliable warranty and the JinkoSolar’s
Tiger Pro series offers an impressive product warranty of 15 years and a linear warranty of 25
The product diminution in the first year is 2%, and from the second year to the 25th year, the
maximum annual product diminution is 0.55%. The Tiger Pro solar panels provide the finest
safety to mechanical loads and are reliable under extreme weather conditions due to their
advanced solar panel materials and improved process design. Excellent performance of
mechanical loads makes the installation of solar panels suitable in areas with high snow or wind.
Due to the optimised size design, higher panel power, and higher conversion of efficiency, the
Tiger Pro Solar Panel series can provide customers with extended power generation reliability
and with lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for a wide range of distribution scenarios,
such as industrial, commercial, and residential needs.
The Tiger Pro panels meet the needs of the majority of residential customers because of their
outstanding performance and optimised size. It is expected that these panels will become the
most preferred choice of high-efficiency solar PV panels in the residential market.
If the new Tiger Pro Solar Panel is compared to another recently available 415W solar panel in
Australia – the SunPower Maxeon 5 AC – it seems that the Tiger Pro panels are a bit shorter but
wider, heavier by a couple of kilos and less efficient. But this comparison is like comparing
oranges to apples, keeping in mind that the SunPower Maxeon is an AC solar panel, which
means that it has a factory-integrated inverter installed on the back.
Some additional features of the JinkoSolar Tiger Pro are Tiling Ribbon Technology (TRT) which
expels the inter-cell gaps and the use of circular ribbon to increase the generation of energy and
to boost light absorption.
JinkoSolar left out some other important details in the new Tiger Pro Solar Panel announcement,
such as where and when these panels will be available for purchase and installation.

Now that we have talked about the new solar panels by JinkoSolar, let us have a discussion about
JinkoSolar Co. Ltd.
JinkoSolar is one of the top and most creative solar panel manufacturers in the world. JinkoSolar
supplies their solar products and sells their services and solutions to a wide variety of
international facilities, residential and commercial customers based in the United States, China,
Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, India, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, the
United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, and many other regions and countries.
As of September 30, 2020, JinkoSolar has built a properly organised value chain of solar
products, with a systemised annual capacity of 11GW for solar cells, 20GW for mono wafers,
and 25GW for solar panels.
As of September 30, 2020, JinkoSolar has 9 successful global production facilities and 20
subsidiaries overseas in South Korea, Japan, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, the United
States, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Chile, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates,
Canada, Malaysia, Kenya, Denmark. JinkoSolar has sales teams in the United Kingdom, China,
France, Spain, Bulgaria, Jordan, Greece, Ukraine, Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, South Africa, Saudi
Arabia, Costa Rica, Myanmar, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Panama, Colombia, Thailand, Vietnam,
Poland, Argentina, and Sri Lanka.
JinkoSolar has been leading the solar panel industry due to its continuous reliability, innovation,
high quality and improved production, and its outstanding customer service. JinkoSolar promises
that it will continue to maintain the leading position of the industry and strengthen its innovation
and quality to provide advanced renewable energy solutions for all global customers, and to help
all industries to achieve carbon neutrality.
JinkoSolar’s photovoltaic products first became available in Australia in the year 2012. The
reviews and reactions on the JinkoSolar solar panels from Australian customers who have
installed the company’s products have overall been very positive. The company is currently
listed as one of the most reliable and efficient companies on the chart of various solar brands as
they offer high-quality panels with a reasonable budget.
JinkoSolar is working hard towards achieving carbon neutrality and saving the environment to
make this world a better place. We all should take a step towards saving the environment and

switch to renewable energy resources to make the world a better place for us and future

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