Australian Solar Battery Rebate 2021: An Update!

Solar Battery Rebate

The Australian government introduced solar rebates and incentives in 2011 to encourage Aussies to switch to solar. Particularly, the solar battery rebate by the government reduces a significant amount of money from the cost of the solar power system. The state, local, and federal governments offer various rebates on the entire solar power system. 

Switching to solar in your home is always a profitable investment and helps to save you a lot of money. The cost of solar power systems has decreased significantly over the past decade, but it is still a costly investment. Fortunately, the solar rebates and incentives offered by the federal, state, and local Australian governments make solar power a little more affordable.

What is a Solar Battery?

A solar battery or a solar energy storage solution is, as the name suggests, equipment for storing solar energy. A solar battery is connected with the solar power system in your home or business to store excess solar energy. Solar panels generate electricity from sunlight, and often they generate more electricity than required. 

The excess solar energy is either stored in the solar battery or sold to the mains grid through net metering. The benefit of storing the solar energy in the solar battery is that you can use this stored solar energy when needed. For example, during the night or on cloudy and winter days when the solar panels do not produce enough electricity. 

You may wonder what is the need for this solar battery if we can earn money by selling the excess energy to the electricity grid. Solar batteries help to decrease the cost of electricity bills even further. How? Due to the absence of a solar battery, electricity needs to be imported from the grid when needed. 

Although we earn money by selling the excess electricity to the grid, it also costs money to import electricity from the grid. Therefore, a solar battery is used to save the money spent on importing energy from the grid. According to Solar Victoria, the installation of a solar battery can reduce the cost of electricity bills by $640 each year.

How much is the Victorian Government solar rebate?

Victoria is one of the only states in Australia that offer a rebate on solar batteries. Solar Victoria provides solar battery rebates to the residents of Victoria. The goal of Solar Victoria is to make solar power more affordable in Victoria. Victorians can claim up to $4,174 to install a solar battery under the Victoria Solar Battery Rebate. 

There are a few requirements that Victorians need to meet in order to qualify for the solar battery rebate:

  • Ensure that the property is located within a designated postcode. 
  • Have a solar power system installed of at least 5kW. 
  • Obtain approval from your energy distributor to ensure that a solar battery can be connected safely. 
  • The property is not connected to any solar battery. 
  • The solar battery selected is on the approved list of solar batteries in the Australian solar market. 
  • The property has not received a rebate from the Victoria Solar Home program. 
  • The value of the property is under $3 million, and the total annual income of the household is under $180,000.
  • You are the owner or the occupier of the property. 
  • The owner must agree to a safety audit/inspection by Solar Victoria if selected. 

In order to get started on the Victoria Solar Battery Rebate program, you must finalise a solar battery quote from an authorised solar installer. Find an authorised solar rebate, select a quote, and then they will help you to start the application process of solar battery rebate. 

Initially, the Victoria solar battery rebate was available for homeowners who resided within the selected postcode. In November 2020, Solar Victoria made this rebate on solar batteries available for every postcode in Victoria. 

Is It Worth Getting a Solar Battery?

If we are honest here, then solar batteries are the future. Solar batteries have come a long way since their introduction to the world a short while ago. There is no doubt that the solar battery is a beneficial investment. Solar batteries provide a number of benefits to both homeowners and the environment. 

Solar batteries are undoubtedly a low-risk investment. You are likely to save a more significant amount of money on electricity bills by using a solar battery. As we told before, solar batteries can help to save up to $640 every year on electricity bills. 

Solar batteries also make homeowners available for a scheme known as the Virtual Power Plant. In this way, you can help the community with clean and renewable energy at a very low cost. In today’s date, solar batteries are, without a doubt, a wise investment. 


The cost of solar panels and other solar equipment is decreasing each year as new technologies are being introduced to make solar energy more affordable. However, if you are waiting for the cost of solar batteries to drop down further, then you are wasting money on waiting. Your electricity bill will decrease significantly once you install a solar battery, and you can use that money to pay for the solar battery. 

According to a decision made by the Australian government, each year, the solar rebate offered to Australians will decrease. Eventually, the solar rebate will end in 2030. This decision indicates that the longer you wait to install a solar battery, the less amount you will receive as a solar battery rebate. 

The solar battery rebate offered by the state government of Victoria is an excellent financial incentive. This incentive not only encourages Victorian residents to install a solar battery but also helps them to afford the solar battery. 

Do not wait any more, and contact your solar installer for a solar battery right now. If you are looking for a solar battery quote, please feel free to contact us at Compare Solar Quotes.

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