Commercial Solar Power in 2022: Worth It?

Commercial Solar Power in 2022

A common concern that we have received from a lot of business owners in Australia in 2022 is whether investing in solar power for your business is a good idea or not. As of today’s date, commercial solar power is without any doubt a great investment.  In this guide, the details of why the installation of a commercial solar power in 2022 is worth the investment has been discussed. 

In recent years, solar power has been considered as the cheapest form of electricity of all time around the globe. Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and other economical reasons, businesses are looking for ways to reduce their operating costs. In the Australian solar market, commercial solar is viewed as a business investment and it is one of those investments that do not go to waste. 

Advantages of Commercial Solar Power 

There are several advantages of installing commercial solar power systems for a business. These are:

  • Reduces the Cost of Energy Bills

Businesses require a huge amount of electricity in a day and most of them require energy at all times. Machines and factories will not function if there is no electricity. As the amount of energy required by a business is high, the cost of money that business pays as the electricity bill is high as well. 

As we know, the cost of the electricity bill is one of the greatest operating expenses in a business. However, installing a commercial solar power system will significantly reduce the cost of your electricity bill and allow you to save that money. 

For example, installation of a 20kW solar power system for your business will meet the 20kW energy requirement of your business in a day. If the total energy requirement of your business is 40kW in a day, then by the end of the month, you will have to pay 50 per cent of your original energy usage. 

  • Environmentally friendly business

The electricity we use on a daily basis comes from the mains electricity grid and that electricity is usually generated with the help of coal, oil, fossil fuel, and other non-renewable resources of energy. The use of these energy resources release carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases in the environment that cause climate change and global warming. 

Solar power systems generate solar electricity by absorbing energy from the sunlight and we all know that the energy from the sun is free and abundant. This means that the electricity generated from this sun’s energy is free as well. Solar power does not harm the environment in any way and it does not release any sort of harmful gas or carbon dioxide into the environment. Instead, solar power helps the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and the effects of global warming and climate change. 

  • Increases the property value 

Even though this is not the primary reason for going solar, it is still a great advantage to have. The installation of a solar power system causes the property value to increase by a great amount and also increases the worth of your business as the assets become more valuable. 

If you have plans to wrap your business up in the building you are operating in now and move to a different location or larger space or building, then having a solar power system installed will help you to sell the building for a higher price compared to buildings without solar power systems. 

  • More money to spend on your business

A great advantage of having a commercial solar power system is that you can use the money you save on electricity bills to grow your business or in other aspects. As we discussed above, the use of solar power reduces the cost of energy bills by a significant amount and business owners can easily use this saved amount to expand their business. 

  • Return on Investment

In the sector of commercial solar, the return on investment is one of the greatest advantages of installing a solar power system. A quick return on investment in commercial solar shows that the business is gaining profit from the solar power system installation. The best part is that installing a commercial solar power in 2022 offers a greater return on investment than before. 

From the first month of installing a commercial solar power system, you will start noticing a huge savings amount on your electricity bill. This amount of saved money will allow you to cover all the money that you have spent in business operations and electricity in the past. 

  • Low Maintenance

One thing each and every business owner likes about solar power systems is that it requires little to no maintenance. Solar panels are built in such a way that they can easily last for at least 25 years and maintaining a business along with the hassle of maintaining solar power systems is quite a difficult task. 

There is not much to inspect or look after in a solar power system as the most you have to do is get the system checked for any sort of technical issues by a processional at least once a year. The advantage of having a solar power system is that it does not require much maintenance and this means that you do not have to pay money for maintenance.  


As we discussed in the guide above, commercial solar power systems come with several advantages that help the business to save money while helping the environment. There is indeed no doubt that commercial solar power in 2022 is worth the investment in Australia than ever before. 

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