Install Solar Panels In Winter: Should You?

Install Solar Panels in Winter

A common fact or ground that the majority of solar installers and solar experts have noticed is that the number of solar panel installations increase during the spring or summer. The reason behind this is that the electricity usage of every household increases during the summer due to the use of air conditioners and fans. This increased electricity usage causes the cost of electricity bills to increase by a significant amount, causing the homeowners to spend restless nights. 

However, studies and research show that the best time to install solar power systems is during the fall or winter. There are quite a few reasons behind this installation time period and it also offers a few benefits. In this guide, our solar experts will discuss the reasons why you should install solar panels in winter. 

Many of us have always believed that solar panels do not work during the winter or in cold temperatures, but studies and research show that solar panels do generate electricity during the cold weather. However, the amount of energy generated is significantly less compared to the amount generated in the summer or on days with bright, sunny weather. 

This is the reason why many people used to wait till summer in order to install solar power systems for their households. The reasons why you should switch to solar in winter are: 

  • Quick Installation

The number of solar power systems installed in Australia during winter is quite less and homeowners think that they should wait till summer. This reduces the income and workload of the solar installers in the Australian solar market, and you can take advantage of this in order to get a quick installation. 

Since there is no significant workload, the evaluation and calculations done by the solar installer for the sizing and pricing of the solar power systems is done a bit carefully and accurately. Not only that, but the process from requesting the quote to the installation of the solar power system is quite faster compared to that during the summer. 

When it comes to solar panel installation, we have often seen delays of weeks and months due to the workload of the solar installers. So, having a quick installation is definitely a relief. 

  • Reasonable Pricing

A common rule of business is that the price of a certain item goes down when the demand of that item in the market decreases. This means that if the demand for solar panels is less in winter, then you will get a decent discount on the price of the solar power systems. 

Another reason for this decrease in the cost of solar power systems is that companies need to meet a certain amount of installation or sales target by the end of the year. Many manufacturers offer a great discount on their products in order to meet the end of the year targets. Not only that, but you will also be able to save a decent amount of money on the total cost of installation as the labour costs also decrease in winter. 

  • Make Your Solar Panels ready for Summer

A common misconception that the majority of homeowners in the Australian solar market have is that solar panels will significantly reduce the cost of electricity bills from day one. In most of the solar power system installations, solar panels take some time to adjust with the household and to be able to meet the energy requirements of the house properly. 

When it comes to installing solar power systems during the summer, we notice that it often takes about one to two months in order to significantly decrease the cost of electricity bills. This means that you will have to pay a high price during these months. However, if you install solar panels in winter, it will be completely ready and properly performing by the beginning of summer. This means that you will be able to save money even when the cost of electricity is high on warm days. 

  • Advantage of Opportunity Cost

Before we dive into the details about this one, let us know a bit about the opportunity costs. In the world of solar, opportunity costs refer to the solar rebates and incentives offered by the local, state, and federal Australian governments to the homeowners and business owners for installing solar. Not only that, but it also refers to the discount allocated for the solar power system installations in winter. 

If we talk about the solar rebates and incentives offered by the Australian government to its people, we will notice that the amount offered is decreasing with each passing year. This is because the government has decided to end the concept of solar incentives and rebates by the year 2030 as solar power systems have become cheaper in price and a lot of people are now aware of the advantages of solar power. 

If you install solar power systems in winter, then it is believed that you will not only receive the best deals on solar panels and other components but you will also receive the most of the solar incentives and rebates. In the Australian solar market, the policies surrounding solar rebates and other opportunity costs are being changed frequently. But waiting for summer to install solar power systems will make you lose a significant number of opportunity cost options. 


As of today’s date, solar power systems have become a necessity in almost each and every household due to the rapidly increasing rates of electricity. More and more people are willing to save money on electricity bills by switching to solar. However, as we discussed above, you will be able to save more money if you get a solar power system installed in winter rather than waiting for summer. We hope that the reasons why you should go solar in winter help you to make a clear decision about your solar power system installation.

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