How To Maintain Solar Panels In 3 Easy Steps?

How To Maintain Solar Panels In 3 Easy Steps

With each passing year, the industry of solar panels and solar power systems is expanding in several countries around the globe, including Australia. Numerous people are showing their interest and millions switched to solar power due to the advantages if offered. As the world is getting more educated on climate change and the negative impacts of global warming and worried about the rising costs of electricity, the number of solar power system installations has also increased. A major benefit of solar power systems that attracts homeowners and business owners in the Australian solar market is the low maintenance of solar panels. In any electrical installation, maintenance is a big issue and requires quite a lot of money. However, solar panel maintenance is one of the easiest maintenance jobs and requires very little money. Taking care of a solar power system is extremely easy and you only need to follow 3 steps to do so. In this guide, how to maintain solar panels in three easy steps has been discussed. 

3 Steps on how to maintain Solar Panels

  • Keep the Solar Panels clean

A major step of maintaining the solar panels is to clean the solar panels on a regular basis. Solar panels are installed on rooftops and go through all the seasons and weather conditions. Normally, the solar panels get dirty due to the accumulation of dirt, debris, bird droppings, and so on that decreases the efficiency of the solar panels. 

In order to clean your solar panels, you do not need to spend money on expensive items or go through a lot of hassle. All you need is a little amount of dish soap and water. 

Cleaning solar panels is an easy task and you can either do it by yourself or hire professional cleaners. If you want to clean the panels by yourself, place a ladder next to the roof and climb it for easy access to the panels. Make sure that you are in a safe position and gently scrub the panels with soap and a non-abrasive sponge or brush. Gently wash off the dirt and the soap with water once all the stains are gone. 

Make sure that you do not use any abrasive sponge or rub the solar panels aggressively as it can permanently cause damage to the panels. Do not put soap or water to the back of the panels and do not step on the solar panels ever. Wash the soap and dirt off with a mild water hose or pour water using a mug or small bucket. 

If you find it difficult to clean the solar panels by yourself or cannot find time to clean them, you can always hire a solar panel cleaning service. They will ensure a proper cleaning of your solar panels without causing any damage. Even though it will cost a small amount of money, the solar panels will be clean and safe. 

  • Keep Solar Panels out of Shade

We have seen several installations where the solar panels get covered due to shading by trees, buildings, and so on. Solar panels are manufactured in order to perform efficiently under direct sunlight. Solar panel shading reduces the efficiency of the solar panels by a significant amount which in turn reduces the amount of energy generated by the solar power system. 

Research and studies show that even if 1/4th of the solar panels is covered due to shading, it decreases the system output by 50 per cent. In order to get rid of this problem, solar panels must be installed at a location where they get direct sunlight. The solar installers will carefully evaluate the property and make proper calculations before installing the solar panels in order to avoid shading. However, if there are trees growing that block the sunlight from reaching the panels, you can trim down the trees to solve the issue. 

  • Regularly Monitor the Electricity Generation

As of today’s date, almost each and every solar power system comes with a monitoring device or application which allows the homeowners and business owners to keep track of the amount of solar energy generated by the panels. Proper monitoring of the energy generation will tell you whether the solar power system is working efficiently or not. 

We agree that regularly monitoring a solar power system can be a time-consuming task but it worth it. Record the amount of solar electricity generation roughly at the same time every day and match the results with the data from the previous day. The solar panels must produce the same amount of electricity or close to it. Solar energy generation widely depends on the weather outside, so make sure to take the weather conditions into account. 

However, if you notice a big change or fluctuation in the amount of solar energy generated, you will have to get the system checked by professionals. They will take a look at the system and identify the problem that caused the change in electricity generation. The professional services will also take a look at the solar panels for loose wiring and other problems to make sure that the panels work at their full capacity. 

Final Words

We all know that solar power systems are a significant investment as they require a decent amount of money and a long-term commitment. As they generate electricity for at least 25 years, it is essential to keep them well-maintained in order to make sure that the solar panels work efficiently throughout their lifespan. As we discussed above, solar panels do not require much maintenance and everything can be done within a small amount of money. This regular cleaning and monitoring will not only help you to take advantage of solar power for a longer period of time but will also help you to get a good value in case you sell the property.

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