How to improve English in daily life?

English is a language and is accepted all over the world. It is used in schools, offices, and educational institutions. Even for study visas, immigration and PR, you have to clear the PTE Test. This test basically checks the proficiency level of the English language. Without its score, you cannot go abroad for higher education. So, English is a must in every field of life. It is accepted as an official language and business language. Now the question arises, how to improve English in daily life. If you use it in your daily routine, you can learn it. You can learn any language, by listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Same if do it in the case of the English language, you will surely improve it. If you want to improve the English language, you have to make the environment.

  • Improve your reading skills by reading the newspaper, and learn new words to improve your vocabulary. Read any topic in a natural way with speed. Use a timer to complete the reading, but the reading should be audible. Do not copy the accents of others, read comfortably. Read only one paragraph in a day and make it a daily practice habit for PTE Mock Test.
  • Speak what you read, in your own words, it will improve your speaking and thinking skills. Speak in front of the mirror. Practice increases your speed of speaking. Learn from mistakes. You can take help from several resources which are easily available on the internet. Do not hesitate while speaking. Choose any topic, take a few minutes to think about the topic, and speak. Without practice, you cannot improve your speaking skill. Speak with your friends and your family members in English. Be confident while speaking. Try to use English when you talk on the phone with your friends. If you are a working person speak English in the office as much as you can. When you go outside to purchase some groceries, use English to explain your requirement instead of your mother tongue. If you call a customer care executive to file any complaint then choose the English language. Customer care executives cannot disconnect your call if you even take more time to explain your problem.
  • Listen to audio in English. Watch movies in English with subtitles to read the dialogues. Develop your habit to think in English, it will decrease the translation time and improves your fluency. After speaking if you realize that you have spoken some incorrect words, ignore it and speak forward. Speaking speed will improve with more and more practice and lead to a good score in real PTE.
  • Write the summary of an article, which you read from the book or newspaper in your own words for writing practice. Write daily at least one page on any topic. Start writing from 8-10 lines and day by day increase the number of lines. It will increase your thinking power and writing skills. You can check your grammar and mistakes with some software like Grammarly etc. With the course of time and practice, the level of speaking and writing English will increase.

Here, I have discussed some methods, to improve your all skills of English. If you practice it on regular basis, you will see a beneficial change in your conversation.

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