How To Claim Solar Rebate

In the Australian solar market, there are several homeowners who have installed solar power systems and want to get the benefits offered by the local, federal, and state government of Australia as solar rebate. However, not many people cannot claim for solar rebate as it is quite a difficult process. In Compare Solar Quotes, we make sure that Australians receive accurate information about solar power systems and all the factors associated with it. Thus, in this guide, we will discuss how to claim solar rebate. You can easily get solar rebate in Australia if you follow the few easy steps on how to claim solar rebate. These steps are:

  • Find the right Solar Installer

It is essential to choose the right solar installer in order to get a proper solar power system installation and solar rebate. Therefore, you must carefully consider all of the necessary factors before you make a final decision about the solar installer. You will have to make sure that the solar installer and all the necessary solar products have the approval of the Clean Energy Council (CEC). If your installer and retailer are not CEC approved, then you will not be able to apply for solar rebate. 

  • Get a Solar Quote

The most important information you need in order to claim solar rebate is the solar quote. To apply for a solar rebate, you will first have to get a solar quote from your solar installer. The solar installer will discuss the solar power system installation with you and provide you with a quote depending on the budget, requirements, and so on. The amount mentioned in the quote is the amount of money required to switch to solar before reducing the amount of solar rebate. 

  • Prepare the necessary Documents

Before submitting the application for claiming solar rebate, you will have to prepare a few necessary documents. These documents will prove your identity and income status. In order to prove your identity, you will need any two from the following documents: Australian passport, driving license, medical card, Australian birth certificate, foreign passport, and immigration card. 

You will also have to provide information about your income status. In order to prove this, you will require Australian Tax Office Notice of Assessment and your Centrelink Payment Summary. 

  • Apply for the Solar Rebate

Once you have prepared all the necessary documents and have finalised a solar quote, it is now time to apply for the solar rebate. You can apply for both federal government solar rebate and state government solar rebate and get the benefits of both. If you want, then you can apply for the rebate by yourself using the name of the installer and the information of the quote. You can also ask for help from your solar installer to apply on your behalf. 

  • Prove the Ownership of Property

Once you have completed your application process, you will receive a link via email. You will have to enter the link in order to complete the application process. In order to complete the application, you will also have to prove the ownership of your property, income, and identity. Upload the necessary documents to prove the ownership and identity. You will also have to prove your income status through the document that we mentioned above. 

  • Provide Information about Loan Repayment

When it comes to applying for a solar rebate, you can also apply for an interest-free loan from the government. Applying for the loan is not compulsory, but you will be asked whether you need one or not in the application form. If you want an interest-free loan, then you will have to provide the details of your bank account from where you will have to pay the loan repayment amount. 

  • Receive the Confirmation Number

After submitting your solar rebate application, you will receive an email stating that your application has been received. If the government thinks that you are eligible for solar rebate and accepts your application, then you will receive a QR code as confirmation. In case you do not qualify for the solar rebate, the government will review your application and all the provided details thoroughly and ask you for additional and accurate information. 

Once your solar rebate application has been approved, notify your solar installer that you will move forward with the solar quote and book an installation. After booking an installation, the installer will prepare the necessary solar products and schedule a date for installing the solar power system. Make sure that you properly check all the aspects of the installation design before the installers start with the installation and have a clear discussion about your requirements and energy consumption. 

  • Complete the Solar Power System Installation

Last but not the least, we have reached the final step of the solar rebate process. Once you have completed all the mentioned steps above, the installer will install the solar power system on the roof of your home under the supervision of a technical engineer. 

Once the installation is complete, a safety inspection will be conducted to make sure that the installation process has been completed safely and everything is working properly and efficiently. After completing the installation and safety check, pay the amount to the solar installers that you owe them. This amount of money is the total amount that you have to pay after deducting the amount of solar rebate and interest-free loan. The government will pay the remaining amount of money to the solar installers. 


Claiming for solar rebate is quite easy if you properly follow all the steps we have mentioned in the guide above. Make sure that you prepare all the necessary documents required to apply for a solar rebate. If you are confused about the solar rebate application, then ask for help from your solar installer.

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