How To Choose The Best Solar Battery?

Choose The Best Solar Battery

Solar batteries are slowly becoming an essential solar component in Australian households that have a solar power system installed. Everyone is leaning towards off-grid electricity as the electricity costs in Australia continue to increase at a super-fast rate. And in order to go off the grid, there is no alternative to installing solar battery storage. Compare Solar Quotes encourage the Australian people to switch completely to solar energy and stop being dependent on grid bound electricity. Our team works in order to help you find the best solar solutions for your home. In this guide, we will discuss how to choose the best solar battery in Australia. 

Before we start discussing the buying factors of a solar battery, let us know a bit about solar battery storages first.

Solar battery storage is generally connected to a solar power system when homeowners want to store an extra amount of solar electricity. You must be wondering what we mean by an extra amount of solar electricity. We all are aware of the weather conditions in Australia.

Australia experiences some of the brightest and sunniest days in the world. Solar panels use the energy that comes from the sun in order to generate solar electricity. There are often instances when solar panels generate more than enough electricity. This extra energy usually gets exported to the mains grid, but if you have solar battery storage, this energy gets stored in the battery. You can use this energy later at night or when the solar panels cannot generate enough electricity to meet your energy requirements. 

The Australian solar market is a vast area, and you will find thousands of solar battery manufacturers trying to sell their battery storage to the Australian people. But not all of these solar batteries are worth the money. 

There are a few factors that you must consider before choosing a solar battery storage. These factors are:

  • Size of the Battery

Solar installers and manufacturers use the size of the battery to represent the power capacity of the component. Solar power systems that generate a large amount of electricity every day must be paired with a large battery storage. Similarly, small solar power systems have to be connected to a small solar battery. For example, there is no point in connecting a 5kw solar battery to a 3kw solar power system. 

  • Cycle Life of the Battery

The cycle life of a battery represents the number of times it can be fully charged and discharged before it stops functioning. For a typical Australian household, we generally recommend choosing a solar battery cycle life of at least 4,000 cycles. 

  • Warranty of the Battery

Almost each and every solar component available in the Australian solar market comes with a warranty period. The majority of solar battery storage sold in Australia come with a warranty period of 10 years. An important thing to note here is that we have never seen a lithium-ion battery last for more than 10 years in Australia. 

  • The Functionality of the Solar Battery

It is essential to consider the functionality of a solar battery before making a final decision. What we mean by functionality is whether the solar battery can provide the function that we require. 

For example, the majority of people purchase a solar battery storage in hopes of getting back up during blackouts or chilly weather. However, there are quite a few batteries that are not functioning to provide a battery backup to the home. 

  • The Proper Value for Money

This is an important factor to consider as you definitely do not want to spend an ample amount of money on a solar battery that does not provide good performance. Compare the price of the solar battery to the other deciding factors, as this will give you an idea of whether it is properly priced or not.

If you think that the price is justified with the quality that the solar battery serves, then consider purchasing that battery. However, do not go for solar battery storages that come with an unbelievably low price tag, as the chances are that these might not provide good performance at all. 

  • Market Presence in Australia

We definitely cannot emphasize this factor enough. Purchasing a solar battery or any other solar component from a company that has an Australian office is always a good idea. There are often instances when you run into issues while using a solar component. 

In cases like this, you have to come in contact with the manufacturer in order to sort out the warranty claims. It is often hard to contact companies that do not have an office in Australia and operate completely from outside the country. 

You must be wondering why we cannot sort these issues out with the solar installer. In today’s date, blindly trusting the solar installer is not a good idea as we have seen numerous solar installers go out of business in the past few years. Having access to contact the manufacturer’s office in Australia allows us to sort out our issues and warranty claims very easily. 

If you ask for our opinion, we would 100 per cent recommend you to install solar battery storage along with your solar power system. Not only will it allow you to save a large amount of money on electricity bills, but it will also power your home during blackouts and when there is not enough solar energy to meet the energy requirements of your home. 


Before you move forward to purchase solar battery storage for your home, make sure that you properly consider the buying factors we have mentioned above.

Choosing the best solar battery storage for your home read decreases your dependency on the mains electricity grid. It will also help you to power your home in case of emergencies.

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