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How to Buy the Best Solar Panels for Your Home in 2021 - Compare Solar Quotes

How to Buy the Best Solar Panels for Your Home in 2021

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The number of people installing solar panels is increasing as homeowners are concerned about the rising cost of electricity and want a solution that will help to reduce both their energy bills and environmental damage.

Every home is different when it comes to buying solar panels. One solar panel will not meet the requirements of every home. It is important to choose a solar panel system that is suitable for your home otherwise it will just be a waste of your money.

Every solar panel system is customized with software by an engineer to suit the home. A panel with average efficiency may perform just as well as an expensive, high-efficiency panel under certain circumstances. When you are out to shop for solar panels, the salesperson will not prove to be of much help, as they will insist that you purchase their solar panels as if it is the best one in the market. But they all cannot be right!

Let us talk about the factors we need to consider before buying the best solar panels for our home.

  • The efficiency of the Solar Panels:
    Efficiency refers to the percentage of solar energy that hits the surface of the panel transferred to electricity or heat. In modern conditions, the efficiency range for conventional solar panels is from 15 to 21 per cent.

    Higher efficiency means that more watts of electricity will be generated per square meter of a solar panel. Using high-efficiency solar panels means that a small solar panel will provide you with the same electrical output and will require less space on your roof.

    If you want high-efficiency panels for your home, be prepared to spend a little more money as these panels tend to be more expensive than low-efficiency panels. But as long as a solar panel has an efficiency rate of above 15%, it is considered a good choice.
  • Cost of Solar Panels:
    When comparing the price of solar panels and the costs associated with it, make sure that you calculate the number of watts your solar panel will generate per Australian dollar of the panel, or in simple words, Australian dollars per watt.

    Be careful and do choose solar panels based on their prices only. A low-cost solar panel can end up providing cheap performance and reliability. There are often special deals and bargains from many suppliers, think wisely before finalizing a deal.
  • Quality and Warranty of Solar Panels:
    Choosing a solar panel that will prove to be the best for your home is not an easy task at all. To determine the quality and reliability of a solar panel, check the reviews and ratings of that specific panel on the internet. Compare various panel models and companies to find the panel that suits your home best.

    The next thing you need to check is the warranty of the panels. Most reliable and modern solar panels come along with a 25-30 year performance warranty. Make sure that your panels have a product warranty of a minimum of 10 years and that you do not have to pay any extra money for this warranty policy.
  • Specifications of the Solar Panels:
    Like all products, solar panels have various specifications that indicate their technical characteristics.

    Some specifications must be taken into account before making a choice:
    • The power tolerance of the solar panels
    • The temperature coefficient and voltage rating. For safety purposes, a panel must have a minimum voltage rating of 100V direct current. Panels with a good temperature coefficient mean that they perform a bit better in high temperatures.
    • Check for the original manufacturer of the solar panels as many companies buy solar panels and brand them by themselves.
  • Aesthetics or looks of the solar panels:

    Although it is a personal choice, many people buy solar panels based on their looks. For example, Thin film panels look uniform and are the best looking to some people, but they end up requiring a large area of your roof.

    You can get flexible roof tiles if you have a curved roof. Some suppliers can install the panels on your roof, and some can even provide you with solar roof tiles, but keep in mind that these aesthetics of solar panels usually come with a high bill. However, choosing a solar panel that has basic looks is considerably cheaper and provides the same performance as other sleek looking expensive panels.

Before buying a solar panel for your home, make sure to make all necessary comparisons in terms of efficiency, warranty, and quality. Ensure that the solar panel you are buying fits your roof properly and can meet all your energy demands.

Choosing the right installer to get the panels installed on your roof is also important as the panels need to be positioned correctly where they can receive the most energy from the sun, otherwise, it may not perform as well as it is supposed to.

We hope that our guide has helped you to understand what steps you should take before buying the best solar panels for your home. Switching to solar energy is a great initiative towards saving the planet and also a smart financial investment, so it is better not to rush when making such essential choices.

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