How Solar Energy Is Converted Into Electricity

How Solar Energy Is Converted Into Electricity

A common question for everyone is how solar energy is converted into electricity? In this article I will discuss this topic. Typically, solar energy can be converted to electricity in two ways: photovoltaics (PV devices) or “solar cells” – convert direct sunlight into electricity. Solar Power Plant – Indirectly generates electricity when heat from a solar heat collector is used to heat a liquid that generates steam which is used to generate a generator.

Currently the most famous and common way to generate electricity is solar energy. How it works and helps convert its energy into electricity.

How Is Solar Energy Converted Into Electricity Step By Step Guide

Generation of electric power:

The convergence of solar power into electricity can be done directly. This is done by the conversion of radiation into electricity with the help of solar cells. This is done by the using of such cells when the light hits the junction between metal and semiconductor or between two conductors.

Amount of power:

If we take into consideration typically one photovoltaic cell produces an electric power of two watts only. Same like if the large number of cells are gathered as in solar plates then a large amount of electricity can be generated. Like the generation of electricity can be produced in thousands of kilowatts.

Energy efficiency:

As the energy efficiency of photovoltaic cells is about 15-20 percent. In Fact the intensity of radiation is low due to which large and costly cells are required to assemble for the moderate production of power.

Solar radiation:

The electromagnetic radiation is known as solar radiation. The source of their emigration is the sun. Every piece of landscape receives sunlight over the year. But the amount of radiation that is received by the land can differ in amount.

Solar technologies capture these radiation and convert them into different means of energies. The two main solar technologies are

  • Photovoltaic (PV)

  • concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP)

Working of photovoltaic:

The working of PV is so common that everyone is aware of its working. When the sun shines and solar panels observe the energy they produce electric charge. The production of electric charge occurs by the observing of shines by solar PV cells present in panels. The production of electric charges caused the flow of electricity.

Concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) Working:

The working of csp is quite different from the PV. This works by using a mirror. They collect energy and convert it into heat which is consumed later or at the real time. These are primarily used in large plants. The mirrors that are used reflect and concentrate over the solar energy.

Categories of cells:

There are two major types of photovoltaic cells that are used in the production of electricity. One is about small photovoltaic cells and the other is about large photovoltaic cells. As their names clear the persuasions about their works.

Uses of Photovoltaic cells:

  • Small cells:

The small photovoltaic cells are used for the low power consumption applications. Because these cells work by consuming sunlight or artificial light.

  • Large cells:

Whereas if we come to the discussion of large power they’re used for the water pump. Communication system. These are commonly used in remote areas for communication systems, and for weather communication satellites.

Benefit of silicon panel:

Crystalline silicon panels are prepared by the film solar cells and they are installed by the owner of the home and business members. This system is kept at the top of the roof. All is done so for the providing of conventional current.

Production of larger power:

Responsible and concentrated employees of solar panels work and try to focus on the gathering of light from the wider area. They collect light from a wide range of areas on small cells for increasing light intensity. The increase in intensity of light produces a high range of temperature.

If the better way is adopted for the alignment of light arrays then it can produce a temperature near to 2000°c or more to it.

The production of this temperature is consumed in the running of the boiler. This is done for the production of steam for steam turbine electric power. If the production of steam is done directly, then moveable mirrors are used for concentrating large amounts of solar radiation. This radiation is blackened pipes through which water moves and heated.

Finally we learn how solar energy is converted into electricity? It has helped a person to be independent by making sure about the consumption of long lasting sources. As the sun shines it will cause electric charges under the solar panel.

It is happening due to the presence of PV cells in the panel. And the other factor it also works on large scale businesses consumption of mirrors that reflects and causes heat by using sun power. One is designed for the consumption at household level and other is asked for the minor applications charging.

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