Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Power

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Power System

A solar power system is considered to be one of the most important investments today’s date. It does not only help us to save money and improve our personal economy, but it also helps with the environment and the effects of climate change. Over the past few years, the demand and popularity of solar energy have significantly increased in Australia, with several solar companies entering the Australian solar market. When it comes to installing a solar power system, there are several questions that pop up in the minds of the homeowners. This is normal as they will be investing a significant amount of money in order to install a solar power system. In this guide, we will discuss and answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about solar power systems.

  • How would Solar Power benefit me financially? 

One of the major reasons why most people switch to solar power is the financial benefits it offers. Solar power benefits the homeowners by reducing the cost of energy bills. Not only that, but it also helps the homeowners to earn credits on electricity bills by exporting the excess energy to the mains electricity grid. Click here to know more about off-the-grid solar system. 

  • How does Solar Energy benefit the Environment? 

Solar energy is the cheapest form of energy, and it comes from a renewable source of energy, sunlight. The use of renewable sources of energy to generate electricity does not cause damage or pollution to the environment. 

This means that solar energy generation does not pollute the environment in any way, and it does not emit carbon dioxide or any other harmful gases in the environment. Other than that, solar energy also helps to reduce the carbon footprint and also reduces the effects on the environment caused by climate change. Read more here

  • Does Solar Energy affect the value of my property? 

Over the years, we have seen several cases and studies where the value of a property has increased due to the installation of solar power systems. In cases like these, we have also noticed that properties with solar power systems are typically sold faster compared to properties that do not have a solar power system installed. For more read here

  • Can I pay for Solar Power System installation in Instalments? 

The upfront cost of installing a solar power system is quite high, and not every homeowner can afford to switch to solar. This installation cost discourages a lot of people from installing solar. In order to help people with solar power system installation, there are several banks and finance firms that offer solar loans to people. Before you take a solar loan, make sure that you properly read the terms and conditions. 

  • Are availing Solar Rebates and Incentives a good idea in Australia? 

In Australia, the local, state, and federal governments started the plan of offering solar rebates and incentives to homeowners in order to encourage people to switch to solar. This is a great idea as, since the beginning of this plan, the number of houses switching to solar in Australia has increased significantly. The reason behind this is the solar rebate and incentives offered by the Australian government reduce the upfront cost of the solar power system installation by a great amount. 

  • Can I install Solar Panels on my roof? 

When it comes to solar power system installation, 90 per cent of the systems are installed on the roof of the house. Before installing the solar panels on the roof, you will have to make sure that your roof is in the condition of holding the weight of the solar panels. Let the solar installer check the condition of the roof before you install the panels, and if the roof requires repairing, then you must get it replaced or repaired. 

  • What is the suitable size of the Solar Power System for my home? 

In solar power system installations, the formula of one size fits all does not work, as the size of the solar power system typically depends on the energy consumption of the house

Each house has a different amount of energy consumption, and other than these, factors like shading, panel size, efficiency, and many more. So, in order to find out the suitable size of solar power system for your home, you will have to get a quote from your solar installer

  • How long does a Solar Power System last? 

A solar power system is made up of quite a few solar components, such as solar panels, inverters, battery storage, and so on. Each of these solar components lasts for a different period of time. Solar panels typically last for about 25 to 30 years without any major maintenance or replacement. On the other hand, solar inverters and solar battery storage last for about 5 to 10 years and need to be replaced. 

  • What is the Warranty on Solar Power Systems? 

Each and every component of a solar power system comes with a specific period of warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty covers the repairing and replacement costs along with the cost of the parts. Solar panels typically come with two types of warranty; product warranty and performance warranty. 

While the product warranty is offered for 12 to 15 years, the performance warranty is typically offered for about 25 years or more. On the other hand, solar inverters typically come with a warranty of 5 years which can sometimes get extended for another 5 years. Similar to solar inverters, solar battery storage also comes with a warranty of 5 years and often with an extendable warranty of 5 years. 


When it comes to installing a solar power system, it is essential to ask questions and be 100 per cent confident about the decision of installing solar panels. The questions we have mentioned above are some of the most common questions that homeowners ask the solar installers. We hope that these answers shall help the Australian people to make a decision while switching to solar. 

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