Mandatory Checklist Before Purchasing Solar Panels!

Mandatory Checklist Before Purchasing Solar Panels

We always want to buy the best products or items for our homes, and we want this in the case of solar panels as well. Choosing solar panels for commercial or residential solar projects is often a very difficult task. Many people often make the mistake of purchasing solar panels without conducting proper research. This often causes homeowners and business owners to install a solar power system that is not worth the investment.

Compare Solar Quotes works with a lot of solar component manufacturers selling their products in the Australian solar market. We believe that proper research and thinking before purchasing a solar product will help you to choose the best items. In this article, we will discuss factors that you must consider before purchasing solar panels for your home or business.

With the rising popularity of solar power systems in Australia, more and more solar panel manufacturers are entering the Australian solar market with each passenger. It is hard to choose one particular manufacturer from thousands of solar panel manufacturers. But when you know about the factors that you have to consider, choosing solar panels becomes a lot easier.

Efficiency of the Solar Panels:

The efficiency of solar panels is something that you must not ignore in any way. But why does efficiency matter so much? The efficiency of the solar panels indicates the amount of electricity a solar panel generates by absorbing the energy of the sun.

The average efficiency of the solar panels sold in Australia is 15 per cent to 17 per cent. We consider the efficiency rating between 18 per cent to 19 per cent as the higher end of the solar panel efficiency. However, any efficiency rating that is equal to or greater than 20 per cent is at the top of the solar efficiency line.

As the world of solar technology is changing rapidly, the efficiency rating of solar panels is also increasing as scientists and engineers are making more and more discoveries about solar power systems. A higher rating of solar panel efficiency ensures that the solar panels are using most of the sunlight. 

Solar panels with a higher efficiency generate a greater amount of electricity compared to the lower efficiency panels. Not only that, but solar battery storage that is connected to highly efficient solar panels tends to charge faster compared to the other solar panels.

Size of the Solar Panels:

you must consider the size of the solar panels and the amount of space you have available on the roof of your home. Solar panels have to be mounted at a certain angle to ensure that they are receiving the maximum amount of sunlight during the day. The size of the solar panels determines the number of solar panels you can fit on your roof.

If you have a small roof space and there is not enough space to fit the number of solar panels required To generate a significant amount of power in your home, then you’ll have to go for the higher efficiency panels. Choosing a highly efficient solar panel will cost more money compared to the cost of installing a solar panel with low efficiency. 

However, if you have an ample amount of space available on your roof, then you can install the number of solar panels required to power your home. And you do not even have to go for the highly efficient panels. 

Durability of the Solar Panels:

The installation of a solar power system is an expensive and long-term commitment. Solar panels are manufactured in such a way that they last for at least 25 years. Australia experiences some of the most extreme climatic and weather conditions in the world; thus, solar panels have to be durable.

If the solar panels are not durable, then you will have to repair or replace the solar panels every time there is a storm or any other natural disaster. Make sure that you purchase the solar panels from a solar panel manufacturer who has the approval of the Clean Energy Council in Australia.

Warranty of the Solar Panels:

Last but not least, the warranty of the solar panels. It is absolutely necessary to check the warranty period of the solar panels before purchasing. Solar panel warranty comes in two types: product warranty end performance warranty.

The product warranty of a solar panel covers change of faulty parts and defects in the manufacturing and installation of the solar panels. The performance warranty of a solar panel makes sure that the solar panel has at least 80% of its efficiency after the end of the warranty period. 

The majority of the solar panels sold in Australia typically come with a product warranty of 10 years. There are a few solar panel manufacturers who offer a product warranty of 12 to 15 years. Almost all solar panel manufacturers offer a performance warranty of 25 years. However, there are a few solar panel manufacturers that offer a performance warranty of more than 25 years. 

When it comes to choosing a solar panel brand or model for your home, considering the factors mentioned above is a must. The world of solar technology is evolving with each passing day, and you will see countless solar panel manufacturers offering you a lot of features at a highly reasonable price. We agree that the price of solar power systems has dropped significantly over the last few years, but it still has not dropped to the point that you will get the top features at a super affordable price.

Along with the factors mentioned above, you will also have to consider the price of the solar power system. At Compare Solar Quotes, we always recommend and request our customers to get at least three solar quotes from 3 different solar installers and compare the quotes thoroughly. Comparing the quotes will give you a proper idea about the solar panel you are choosing, and you will also be able to choose a solar power system that offers all the necessary benefits and features within your budget.

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