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Can a Water Heater be Supported by Solar Panels? - Compare Solar Quotes

Can a Water Heater be Supported by Solar Panels?

Can a Water Heater be Supported by Solar Panels?

Solar water heaters, also commonly known as solar domestic hot water systems, use electricity generated by the solar panels installed on the rooftop of the house to heat water. Solar water heaters are a cost-effective method to generate hot water in a home. 

Solar water heaters are very popular in households as they reduce the cost of electricity bills and allow homeowners to heat water using a renewable source of energy.

So, how exactly do solar water heaters work?

Solar water heaters use solar panels, also known as collectors, that are fitted on the roof. These panels absorb heat from the sunlight and use that heat to heat the water stored in a hot water cylinder. 

There are mainly two types of solar water heaters that are available in the market:

  • Active solar water heaters:

In active solar water heaters, a pump is used to circulate the hot water from the solar collectors to the home. Active solar water heaters are generally used in areas where the climate is on the colder side, as the water is stored in a tank that can be kept inside the house to prevent the water from freezing up. 

  • Passive solar water heaters:

In passive solar water systems, a circulating pump is not required to circulate the heated water. Passive solar water heaters depend on convention instead, which means that in order to circulate the water, the heated water rises to the surface, and the cold water sinks to the bottom. 

Solar water heaters usually require a large amount of upfront investment, such as around AUD 5000. However, after installing a solar water system, it will slowly start to pay for itself by saving you money on electricity bills. In the majority of cases, a solar water heater can reduce the water heating expense of a household by approximately 50 to 80 percent. The cost of installing a solar water heater can be reduced by using the solar rebates available by the Government of Australia. Homeowners can also receive discounts from the installers if applicable. 

After the solar water heaters pay for themselves, ultimately, you will be able to enjoy a free supply of hot water as long as the system works. Like solar panels, solar water heaters also have a long lifespan. The majority of solar water heaters usually come with a five to ten year performance warranty.  

Solar water heaters do not have any movable parts. Therefore, there are no cases of wear and tear, and the cost of maintaining a solar water system is also low as they require very little maintenance. 

After installing a solar water heater, the installer will provide the homeowners with a list of all the details mentioned of any maintenance check that the homeowner will have to carry out to make sure that the water heating system is working efficiently. 

The essential thing that homeowners need to check on the solar water heater regularly is whether there are any visible leaks or not. Check for any strong smell even if no leaks are visible because a strong smell will be noticeable if the antifreeze leaks. The homeowners must contact the installer if they find out any leaks or notice a pungent smell. 

The installer should be contacted if the homeowners do not receive any hot water on warm, sunny days. 

Some installers offer an annual service check but for a charge, of course. A solar water heater must be thoroughly checked by an experienced installer once every 3 to 5 years. The antifreeze breaks down over time and reduces the overall efficiency of the solar water heater, so there are chances that the antifreeze will require replacement after a few years of service. 

The antifreeze will last for a more extended period of time if the solar water is appropriately used throughout the entire year. 

Advantages of using a solar water heater:

  • Hot water is available throughout the year. 
  • A solar water system will reduce the cost of electricity bills as it works by using solar energy, and solar energy is a free source of energy. 
  • A solar water heater works using a clean and renewable source of energy which will reduce the carbon footprint, reduce the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases. And will not pollute the water or air. 

There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing a solar installer and a solar product. If you are confused about which solar product is the right one for your home, then select three reputable and experienced solar installers based on their ratings, reviews, and past projects, and get three solar quotes on your desired solar product and compare those quotes based on the brands, performance, efficiency, quality, service, and product and performance warranty. 

Remember, like solar panels, one solar water heater will not fit the criteria of every home. Ask your solar installer to help you find the right solar water heater that will meet the hot water requirements of your home and will also help you save money on energy bills. 

Like solar panels, solar water heaters are also an excellent investment as they benefit both the environment and the wallets of the homeowners. Going solar is necessary in order to create a greener planet for us and the upcoming generations. The awareness about climate change and global warming has inspired thousands of Australians to switch to solar products such as solar panels and solar water heaters. Fore more information about Australian Solar Market, visit us at www.comparesiolarquotes.net.au

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