Best Solar Battery Brands In Australia

Best Solar Battery Brands In Australia

Residential and commercial solar batteries are an extremely useful solar component to the Australian people. Battery storage for solar covers a significant part of the Australian solar market. And under this section of battery storage, you will find the presence of hundreds of brands and manufacturers. Our business works relentlessly to ensure that the Australian people get the best solutions in terms of solar power systems and components. In this guide, we will talk about some of the best solar battery brands available in the Australian solar market. 

Before we dive into the discussion about the brands, let us talk a bit about solar battery storage first. 

The solar battery is one of the main components of a solar power system, but it is not a necessary one. Whether you have to install a solar battery or not depends on the energy requirements of your home. The main purpose of a solar battery is to store the excess energy produced by the solar panels. 

You must be wondering what we mean by excess energy generated. We all know about the Australian weather conditions; the country experiences some of the longest and brightest days of summer. On these days, solar panels often generate more electricity than the required amount of electricity. This energy is the excess solar energy, and solar batteries store this excess energy. 

You can use this stored energy later when you need it. We usually use this stored energy during the night when the solar panels do not generate energy or during blackouts. You can also use this energy on days when the solar panels cannot produce enough energy to power the house. 

If you do not have a solar battery storage installed, then this excess solar energy gets exported to the mains electricity grid as feed-in tariffs. You earn a small amount of money for the feed-in tariff but installing a solar battery will help you to save a larger amount of money. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Solar Battery Storage

As we discussed above, there are hundreds of brands and manufacturers that sell solar batteries in the Australian solar market. But not all of these solar batteries are worth your hard-earned money. There are a few things that you must consider before you purchase a solar battery storage. These things are:

  • Size of the Battery

The size of the battery is the first factor that you have to consider while choosing a solar battery storage. Both oversizing and under-sizing solar batteries have their own disadvantages. You will have to choose the proper size of a solar battery. Go for a small battery size if you have a small solar power system, and go for a large battery size if you have a large solar power system. 

  • Compatibility

Not all solar battery storage will be compatible with your solar power system. Before you purchase a solar battery, talk to your solar installer, and see whether the battery you are planning on purchasing is compatible with your system or not. 

  • Warranty

The majority of solar battery storage available in the Australian solar market come with a valid warranty of 10 years. However, a few brands offer a longer warranty period, while a few brands offer an extendable warranty of 5 additional years. 

  • Brand Presence

Before choosing a solar battery or any other solar component, make sure that you check the presence of the brand in the Australian solar market. Many brands enter the Australian solar market, but they usually operate from outside Australia. In cases like this, it is often impossible to sort the warranty claims with the brand in case any issues arise with the solar batteries.

  • Cycle Life

Each and every solar battery sold in the Australian solar market comes with cycle life. This cycle life indicates the number of times you can charge and discharge the battery during the lifetime of the battery. In this case, we generally go for the battery that comes with a higher number of charging and discharging cycles. The majority of solar batteries offer a cycle life of 4,000 cycles during their lifetime of 10 years. 

  • Price

We always say that good things usually come with a good price. The price of the solar battery depends on its brand, technology, size, and performance. When considering a solar battery, you must consider the price tag. If the cost of the solar battery is too good to be true, then maybe it is actually too good to be true. Consult with your solar installer properly before you purchase a solar battery. 

Best Brands of Battery Storage for Solar in Australia

When it comes to choosing a solar battery, there are hundreds of brands selling their solar batteries in the Australian solar market. However, there are a few brands operating in the Australian solar market that offer some of the best solar battery storage options to the Australian people. These brands are:

  • Sungrow
  • LG Chem 
  • Enphase 
  • Tesla 
  • BYD 
  • Sonnen

All the brands we have mentioned above have the approval of the Clean Energy Council (CEC). This means that all these solar batteries meet the safety and quality requirements of solar batteries in the Australian solar market. 


A solar battery is a useful piece of a solar power system. T majority of homeowners think that installing a solar battery is nothing but an additional cost. But what they fail to see is the drastic reduction of the energy bill after the installation of a solar battery. 

According to expert research, solar batteries are the future of Australian households and businesses that have solar power systems installed. We believe that in the coming 5 to 10 years, almost each and every Australian household will have a solar battery installed with their solar power system.

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