Be Aware of the New Power Saver Scam in Australia!

Be Aware of the New Power Saver Scam in Australia

In Australia, people are coming across online ads that are popping up on their screens. These pop-up ads are about an appealing product that claims to reduce electricity bills by 90 percent. And these products are nothing but a scam

In many cases, the people behind these scam campaigns do not even use a proper image of the product. The power-saving devices that they deliver are one of the many versions of so-called power savers that are hugely promoted on the internet from time to time. The prices of these devices are not low in any case but spending money on these power saving devices end up being a waste as there have been cases where these devices overheated or caught fire. 


The power saver scheme about which we are going to discuss in this article is a plug-in device that claims to reduce the cost of your energy bills drastically. These power saver scams are marketed under many different names, and this particular device is named under an actual company in Australia. Still, the company has no connection with this device. 

These power saver devices contain a plug along with a small circuit board, LED, and a capacitor, which is basically an ineffective power factor correction capacitor. This device is a scam and will not reduce the power consumption of a house, and generally, electric retailers charge electricity bills based on the power consumption of a house.

Customers of residential electricity and the majority of the small businesses do not have to pay for the factor of power; therefore, even if these power saver devices are able to correct the power factor, they will still not reduce the cost of electricity bill. 

Power factor corrections will apparently reduce the power consumption but will have zero effect on the real power for which you are billed.

Power factor correction will cut off a component on the bill for large consumers like factories, heavy industries, and office buildings. These consumers pay for their peak power consumption in kilovolts amperes and pay for their real consumption of power in kilowatts hour. You will not be able to benefit from the power factor correction unless you pay your bills in peak power consumption.  

Now that we have gained enough knowledge about these power saver scams and power factor correction let us take a look at how we can avoid being scammed by these power saver scams.

And foremost, if the so-called power saving device matches the product description mentioned above, it is most likely to be a scam. 

A little bit of awareness and research on the internet can save you from these power saver scams. But keep in mind that not all plug-in devices that claim to save energy are scams. Power meters and standby power eliminators are plug-in devices that actually help homeowners save energy. 

If you want to save energy in easier and cheaper ways, then follow these steps:

  • Check the power usage for your household using an energy monitor or a power meter. 
  • Change all the lights in your house to LED lights. 
  • Transition to low power cooling and heating systems. 

Power saving benefits both homeowners and the environment in more than one way. The benefits of power saving are mentioned below:

  • Environmental benefit:

The saving on power consumption will decrease the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases and other sorts of pollutants and will also reduce the use of water. 

  • Economic benefit:

Power saving will lower the number of utility bills in a household and help to stabilise the price and volatility of electricity globally. 

  • The benefit of utility systems:

Power saving can provide extended benefits by lowering the overall demand for electricity, therefore reducing the investment required in the generation of new electricity. 

Before you decide to buy any device that claims to save energy or reduce the cost of your energy bills, make sure that you research the brand and the product well. It is very easy to be scammed in the world of modern technology, but a little awareness from your side can save you from wasting your hard-earned money on devices that will be of no use to you. 

Let us inform you about a device that will surely reduce your electricity bills. 

A professionally installed solar power system of good quality on your rooftop will make sure to reduce the cost of electricity bills. Although a solar power system costs a lot more money than the advertised power saving device, it is a 100 percent genuine power saving device and will not end up in the trash like those scamming power saver devices bought from the lying online ads. 

A solar power system is most likely to pay for itself within three or four years of installation and typically last for at least 25 to 30 years, so it is guaranteed that you will be able to save a large amount of money on energy bills and you will also contribute towards saving the environment by choosing a renewable source of electricity generation. 

However, the cost of installing a solar power system can be quite high but do not worry as the Australian government has various solar rebates and discounts available for people who are interested in switching to solar power systems. If you do not have enough cash to purchase the solar power system, then look for other financing options such as home equity loans, solar loans, etc. To know more visit here.

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