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As the world continues to witness an increase in the cost of electricity bills, the number of restless nights they experience also increases. Due to the conventional methods of energy generation, the world is quickly moving towards becoming a world full of pollution and harmful gases. To get rid of both of these major problems, countries all around the world are trying to reduce the use of conventional energy by switching to solar. All over the world, the price of solar panels and other solar components has dropped significantly as more and more companies started to join the industry. Even though the prices dropped, solar panels still come with a decent price tag. To make sure that our hard-earned money does not go to waste, solar panels are often covered with warranties. These solar warranties come with quite a few advantages, and in this guide, we will thoroughly discuss these benefits. Before we get into the advantages, let us get to know about the solar panel warranty and its types. 

What is a Solar Panel Warranty? 

Solar panels are the most important components of a solar power system as they are required in order to generate solar electricity. Since solar panels are important and come with a high price, it is essential to make sure that these panels provide great performance and come with reliable parts. In order to ensure this reliability and performance, manufacturers offer solar panel warranties. 

Types of Solar Panel Warranties

When it comes to solar panel warranties, there are typically three types available. Two of these warranties are offered by the solar panel manufacturers, while the other one typically comes from solar installers. These types are:

  • Performance Warranty

Performance warranty of the solar panels makes sure that these panels provide an efficient performance over the years. Solar panels typically last for at least 25 years and performance warranty makes sure that at the end of the 25 years, the panels work at 80 per cent of their total or initial performance. 

If the solar panels fail to provide this performance percentage, then the manufacturers will replace the panels. The performance warranty provided by the solar panel manufacturers come with a warranty period of at least 25 years, some even offer more. 

  • Product Warranty or Workmanship Warranty

Product warranty or workmanship warranty on solar panels makes sure that these solar panels do not have any defects or faulty parts. Faulty solar panels do not provide an efficient performance and that decreases the total amount of energy generated. Not only that, but it also increases the risks of a solar power system failure. 

If the solar panels come with any faults or defects due to the manufacturing process, the manufactures will replace the solar panels within the warranty period. Product warranties typically comes with a warranty period of 12 to 15 years, while a few manufacturers offer 25 years. 

  • Solar Installer Warranty

The solar installer warranty is not a fixed one, as it varies from one solar installer to another. In solar installer warranty, the solar installer covers any defects or faults like loose wiring and so on, caused during the installation process. There are solar installers who offer a solar installation warranty of about 5 years as there are a few problems in installation processes that do not reveal themselves until a few years. 

Advantages of Solar Panel Warranties

The reason why solar panel warranties are so popular in the Australian solar market is that they come with quite a few benefits. These advantages are:

  • Transferable Warranty

Both the performance warranty and product warranty that come with the solar panels are transferable. This means that in case the homeowners sell their properties after installing the solar panels, they can transfer the warranty documents to the new homeowners. This allows the new homeowners to use the warranty in case there are any problems with the solar panels. 

  • Quick Replacement

One of the best parts of getting a solar panel warranty is that the majority of manufacturers replace the solar panels as soon as they receive a report of the defect or problem with performance. However, this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In order to receive the best performance from the manufacturers on your solar panel warranty, it is essential to choose a high quality and top tier solar panel manufacturer. 

  • Free Warranty

There are a few solar panel manufacturers in the Australian solar market who offer an opportunity to buy an extension on the solar panel product warranty. However, 95 per cent of solar panel manufacturers offer a free product warranty and performance warranty. This means that you do not have to pay extra in order to make sure that your solar panels are secured. In the majority of times, the solar panel warranties also cover the labour costs required to replace the solar panels. 

  • Inspections

Some of the top tier solar panel manufacturers operating in the Australian solar market have free inspections included in their solar panel warranties. This means that the manufacturers will send in an inspection team once or twice a year to make sure that the solar panels are functioning properly and do not have any issues that need to be attended to. 

If the team notices any issues with the solar panels and that is covered under the warranty clauses, then the manufacturers will replace the solar panel. Keep in mind that the inspection of any team that is not included under the manufacturer’s inspection team can cause them to cancel the entire warranty. 

Final Words

When it comes to solar panels and all the other solar components, warranties from both the manufacturers and installers. The advantages mentioned above are some of the benefits that come with solar panel warranties. However, in order to make sure that you get the benefits of these warranties, you will have to make sure that you follow all the solar panel warranty clauses properly.

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