Advantages of Solar Car Parks

The use of solar panels is increasing in both commercial and residential sectors in the Australian solar market with each passing day. The main reason why more and more businesses and households in Australia are willing to switch to solar is due to the amount of money you can save on electricity bills. Not only that, but the harmful effects of global warming and climate change is also encouraging people to move to solar power systems. Over the past few years, we have seen an interest of several business owners in installing solar panels on car parks in order to power their businesses. However, many people are still wondering why they should opt out for a solar car park instead of installing solar panels on the roof of the building. Therefore, in this guide, we will discuss how solar car parks benefit businesses in Australia. 

Before we dive into the advantages, let us gain a little knowledge on what a solar car park is. 

What is a Solar Car Park?

A solar car park is the transformation of a regular car park into a solar electricity generating car parking space. This is done by covering the car park with a shaded structure where the solar panels are installed. The solar panels absorb energy from sunlight in order to generate electricity and power the businesses. Australia is well known for its extremely bright and sunny days, and solar panels are a great way of utilising that energy from the sun to produce solar electricity. 

Advantages of Solar Car Parks for Commercial Properties

When it comes to solar car parks, they offer a few major advantages to business owners and these are:

  • Saves money on electricity bills

Commercial properties such as factories, shops, office buildings, and many more require a huge amount of electricity in a day. This electricity is typically imported from the mains electricity grid, and with the cost of electricity bills increasing with each passing day, business owners have to pay a high amount for electricity. 

As solar electricity is generated using energy from the sun, the energy generation and use is basically free as energy from the sun is free. This means that business owners only have to pay for the upfront cost or the installation cost of solar power systems. The use of solar electricity in businesses allows the owners to save a significant amount of money on electricity bills each year. 

Car parks in commercial properties usually have a big space and covering the entire car park canopy with solar panels means that the system has the ability to generate enough electricity to power the entire business. This will reduce the cost of electricity bills to a minimum and in case you have excess solar electricity, you can either store it for later use or sell it to the mains electricity grid. 

  • Provides shading to vehicles of customers and staffs

As we know, Australia comes with some of the most extreme bright and sunny days and we all are aware of the struggle of parking a car under the bright, hot sun. Parking a car out in the open during the summer often causes the car to overheat, making it uncomfortable for the driver and passengers to ride the car. 

In a solar car park, the entire parking space is covered with an overhead structure in order to install the solar panels. This structure protects the vehicles parked in the car park from the heat of the sun, allowing the passengers and drivers to enjoy a comfortable ride when they leave the car park. The chances of overheating also reduces significantly and this is helpful for both the staff and the customers of the business. 

Solar car parks are also extremely helpful for customers and staff members who own or use electric vehicles. The majority of solar car parks come with electric vehicle chargers that allow the car owners to recharge their cars with the help of solar power. 

  • Protects the environment

The electricity that we typically import from the mains electricity grid in order to power our businesses is generated using the conventional methods. In these methods, coal, natural gas, oil, fossil fuels and so on are burned in power plants to generate electricity. The traditional methods of electricity generation produce a lot of waste and are reducing the availability of non-renewable sources of energy. 

Not only that, but these methods also emit carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases that are increasing the effects of global warming and climate change, risking the health of the planet and the people living in it. 

On the other hand, solar electricity is generated using solar energy, which is a 100 per cent renewable form of electricity. This means that they do not put any non-renewable sources of energy at risk. Solar electricity does not produce any sort of air or noise pollution. It also helps to reduce the effects of carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases present in the environment, allowing the risks of global warming and climate change to decrease significantly. 

Studies and research show that one single solar panel has the ability to reduce at least 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the environment in its lifespan of 25 to 30 years. More and more installations and use of solar panels will reduce the dependency on electricity imported from the grid and will also help to improve the health of the planet and the people living on this planet. 


As we discussed above, solar car parks come with a few major benefits for businesses as well as the environment. Being able to reduce the operating costs of a business allows it to invest it somewhere else and increase profit. Not only that, but it also reduces the harmful effects of climate change present in the environment due to the conventional methods of electricity generation.

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