5 Questions You Must Ask Your Solar Installer

Questions to ask your Solar Installer

When it comes to installing a solar power system in our home, choosing the right solar installer along with the right system is very important. But how do you know that this solar installer is good for your home? There are more than hundreds of solar installers operating in the Australian solar market, and honestly, not all of them are worth working with. There are certain questions that you must ask your solar installer, and these questions will give you an insight into whether your solar installer is good or not. In this guide, we will discuss the questions that you must ask your solar installer before you make the final decision regarding your solar panel installation. 

  • How Do They Calculate The Size Of The Solar Power System Depending On The Energy Usage, Budget, And Savings? 

Each and every solar installer operating in the Australian solar market must have the ability to provide their customers with an almost accurate estimation about how much they will save on energy bills every month or year. The sales representative of the solar installer must have the ability to explain the entire plan to you in simple terms and let you know about the factors that they have taken into account. 

This is quite a difficult calculation to take as there are several different factors to take into consideration. The most important factor that needs to be considered in this calculation is the energy usage of the household. The energy usage and your budget regarding solar power system installation will allow the installer to calculate the size of the system, and this size calculation will affect the amount of money you save. 

  • How To Improve The Return On Investment On Solar Power Systems? 

There are quite a few ways in which you can improve the return on investment on solar power systems in Australia. Some of these ways are:

  • You can apply for solar rebates and incentives that the local, federal, and state governments of Australia offer. This will significantly reduce the amount of money you have to pay for the solar power system installation and improve your return on investment.
  • You can shift most of the energy consumption of your home to daylight hours as solar energy generation takes place during the day. 
  • Consider the size of the solar power system and energy consumption properly so that you can export excess energy to the mains electricity grid. 
  • Install the solar panels by tilting them on roofs that are south-faced in order to maximize energy generation. You will also have to find a place to install solar panels that have little to no shading. 

There are several other ways of improving the return on investment, and the solar installer will be able to let you know more about these after visiting the property and considering the energy consumption. 

  • What Will Happen If The Solar Power System Encounters Problem And How Long Will The Installer Warranty Last?

Each and every solar installer in the Australian solar market offer a certain period of installer warranty, but the service differs from one installer to another. In order to get a proper understanding of the warranty service and period, you will have to ask the following questions to your installer:

  • Who will you call in case the solar power system encounters problems?
  • How long does it take for the solar installer to send their mechanic or representative? 
  • Do you need to pay for any of the repairing costs? 
  • How long is the solar installer working with solar power system installation and services? 
  • How many solar power systems have the solar installer installed before? 

There are several questions that you have to ask under this one question, but all of them are important, and you must ask all these questions to your solar installer. 

  • How Will You Claim The Warranty On Solar Components If The Installer Goes Out Of Business? 

In all honesty, the business of solar installers does not last forever. Over the past few years, we have witnessed several solar installers going out of business. As a result of these installers not being in the business any longer, the homeowners do not know where to claim the warranty in cases like these. 

To make sure that you do not have to undergo a lot of hassle in order to claim a warranty on solar products, ask your solar installers whether the products you are installing have offices located in Australia or not. The advantage of having local offices in Australia will make it easier for you to claim the warranty compared to companies that operate from out of Australia. You will also have to know about the warranty policy of the solar installer and how they deal with such situations. 

  • Can They Allow You To Contact With Any Previous Customer Of Theirs? 

Solar installers who offer and install top quality solar power systems to the Australian people must have several happy and content customers in the Australian solar market. It will be very easy for you to find at least one customer in the area who can give you a proper and honest insight into the service offered by the solar installer before you make a final decision. 

Ask the solar installer to allow you to provide information about at least one of their previous customers that you can contact. Ask them questions about the services, behaviour, installation warranty, incentives, and so on.


All the questions we have mentioned in the guide above are important, and you must ask all of these questions to your installer before you finalize the decision of installing a solar power system to power your home. Solar energy is a significant and long-term investment, and you have to make sure that you are 100 per cent confident before installing the solar panels.

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