3KW Solar System in Australia 2021

3kW Solar System in Australia

With high rise in electricity prices as well as the soaring prices of cost of living, a 3kW Solar System is perfect for an average Aussie family. There’s never been a better time to go for solar systems than this.

Here is some more information about a 3kW Solar System in Australia.

What is the price of a 3kW Solar System in Australia?

The price of the solar system varies in different parts of Australia. Here is the average price range of the 3k Solar System price available in different cities of Australia.

  • Adelaide : $3710
  • Brisbane : $3990
  • Canberra : $3570
  • Darwin : $5610
  • Hobart :     $4960
  • Melbourne : $3780
  • Sydney :     $3440
  • Perth :        $2910

The various factors that influence its price are:

  1. The quality of the products that are used in the system
  2. Since the double story Houses require additional equipment to get installers and the solar panels up to the roof, so the prices may also vary
  3. As different mounting systems are required in concrete roofs, they are more expensive. The price of this system has halved in the last 8 years as seen by the historical view by the graphs.

How much power does a 3kW solar system produce per day?

The amount of solar energy that it will produce depends on a large number of factors such as location, tilt and the orientation of the panel, the presence of shading and the overall efficiency of the components present in the system.

The table below provides a rough idea on the average daily outputs in the different cities of Australia.

  • Adelaide : 9 kWh per day
  • Brisbane : 6 kWh per day
  • Canberra : 5 kWh per day
  • Darwin : 2 kWh per day
  • Hobart : 2 kWh per day
  • Melbourne : 10 kWh per day
  • Perth :   8 kWh per day
  • Sydney : 9 kWh per day

Remember that the output power will be higher during summer and lower in winter. The overall system efficiency is approximately of 80%.

How much does a 3kW Solar system generate?

This system can approximately generate 12kWh per day or 360kWh per month. This is about two-third of the average electricity usage of a modest Australian home.

But this is only possible if you have installed your system in a correct manner. There are a few requirements to install it. First of all you need a roof space large enough near which should be at least 20 square feet. Moreover, the solar panels in the southern Hemisphere should be installed facing the North so that most of the direct sunlight should fall on it. There should be no tress, shade, large buildings or any other obstacle.

What will a 3kW Solar System run?

This 3k solar system in Australia can run most of the appliances that are found in a small house with 2-3 occupants. As it can produce a total power of 2500 kWh per year which is quite enough to run most of the appliances you would find in 1BHK.

Here is the average annual consumption of the appliances that can run on this system:

  1. Refrigerator : 150-190kWh
  2. Smartphone charger : 7kWh ( if used for 4 hours a day)
  3. Computer and laptop : 300kWh (if used for 4hours a day)
  4. Washing machine : 180-270 kWh (for 200 cycles per year)
  5. LED TV : 20kWh
  6. Induction cooker : 210kWh (with 2 burners once a day)
  7. Microwave  : 60kWh ( if used for 1.5 hours a week)
  8. Electric oven : 150kWh ( if used for 1.5 hours three time in a week)
  9. Coffee machine : 30kWh ( if used for 5 minutes per day)
  10. Gaming Console: 84kWh (if used for 2 hours a day)

Hence, this is the best way to save your money as it helps in lowering your energy bills. Some popular techniques for increasing the solar consumption are home energy management, hot water diverters and timers. These days, home battery system is also in its increasing demand, but due to its very high cost this approach is being very less attractive. But in the coming years, the battery system prices are surely to come down.

Another ideal way to find the consumption of every appliance is by the use of a power monitor that will tell you exactly how much you are spending. These are really very cheap and are thus widely available.

Is a 3kW Solar System worth it?

This System is very well suited for small and medium sized houses and offices. This system is cost effective and used to run heavy load.

There are 3 types of solar system that belong to this category:

  1. On Grid Solar system
  2. Off Grid Solar system
  3. Hybrid Solar system

Each solar component is quite durable and requires low maintenance irrespective of the wattage and manufacturer. Precisely, a standard solar panel is made to last for at least 25-30 years, while their performance is at peak. Remember that the solar panels can last for months, even several years without any need of repairs and maintenance. It has an annual degradation of 0.8% per year, but then also it will maintain its decent performance even after passing the 30 years mark.

All in all, a 3kW Solar system in Australia installation is a mind blowing investment even if your power bills are not much high. Solar installations increase the value of your home if you choose to sell it. It is good for environment and can save your money to a large extent in the long run also.

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